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Book (monograph)

2005 Dikova, Desislava. 2005. Studies on Foreign Direct Investments in Central and Eastern Europe. Establishment Modes, Performance and Strategies of Western European Enterprises. Ridderkerk: Labyrinth Publications. (Details)
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Journal article

2018 Fernandez Garcia, Javier David, Umbrich, Jürgen, Polleres, Axel, Knuth, Magnus. 2018. Evaluating Query and Storage Strategies for RDF Archives. Semantic Web Journal, , open access (Details)
  Judt, Ewald, Klausegger, Claudia. 2018. Was sind eigentlich ... Competitive Strategies? BankArchiv: Zeitschrift für das gesamte Bank- und Börsenwesen, (5), 333-334. (Details)
2017 Aichhorn, Nathalie, Puck, Jonas. 2017. Bridging the language gap in multinational companies: Language strategies and the notion of company-speak. Journal of World Business 52 (3), 386-403. (Details)
  Gleich, Wolfgang M., Schmeißer, Björn, Zschoche, Miriam. 2017. The influence of competition on international sourcing strategies in the service sector. International Business Review 26 (2), 279-287. (Details)
  Link, Christoph, Peer, Stefanie. 2017. Unreliable travel times in Austria: Relevance, causes, reactions and avoidance strategies. ÖZV, 3-4, (Details)
2016 Schinko, Thomas, Mechler, Reinhard, Hochrainer-Stigler, Stefan. 2016. A methodological framework to operationalize climate risk management: managing sovereign climate-related extreme event risk in Austria. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change , 1-24. open access (Details)
  Filatotchev, Igor, Bell, G., Rasheed, A. 2016. Globalization of capital markets: Implications for firm strategies. Journal of International Management 22 (3), 211-221. (Details)
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  Schanes, Karin, Giljum, Stefan, Hertwich, Edgar. 2016. Low carbon lifestyles: A framework to structure consumption strategies and options to reduce carbon footprints. Journal of Cleaner Production 139, 1033-1043. open access (Details)
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  Filatotchev, Igor, Faems, D. 2016. The Scope and Scale of MNE Strategies: In Commemoration of Alan Rugman´s Contribution to International Business Research. Journal of Management Studies (JMS) 53 (6), 1045-1050. (Details)
2015 Fritsch, Nina-Sophie. 2015. At the Leading Edge – Does Gender Still Matter? A Qualitative Study on Prevailing Obstacles and Successful Coping Strategies in Academia. Current Sociology 63 (4), 547-565. (Details)
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  Haumann, Till, Güntürkün, Baris Pascal, Schons, Laura-Marie, Wieseke, Jan. 2015. Engaging Customers in Coproduction Processes: How Value-Enhancing and Intensity-Reducing Communication Strategies Mitigate the Negative Effects of Coproduction Intensity. Journal of Marketing 79 (6), 17-33. (Details)
  Raynard, Mia. 2015. Institutional Strategies in Emerging Economies. Academy of Management Annals 9 S. 291-335. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2018 Isaksen, Arne, Tödtling, Franz, Trippl, Michaela. 2018. Innovation policies for regional structural change: combining actor-based and system-based strategies, In: New Avenues for Regional Innovation Systems – Theoretical Advances, Empirical Cases and Policy Lessons, Isaksen, A., Martin, R., Trippl, M. Hrsg. Isaksen, A., Martin, R., Trippl, M. 221-238. Cham: Springer Verlag. (Details)
2017 Foster, Gigi, Frijters, Paul, Greiner, Ben. 2017. Challenges for Market and Institutional Design when Countering Exploitation Strategies. In: Investors and Exploiters in Ecology and Economics: Principles and Applications, Hrsg. L-A. Giraldeau, P. Heeb, and M. Kosfeld, 171-187. Cambridge, MA: MITPress. (Details)
  Lutter, Franz Stephan, Giljum, Stefan, Bruckner, Martin. 2017. Data, Indicators and Targets for Comprehensive Resource Policies. In: Factor X. Challenges, Implementation, Strategies and Examples for a Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, Hrsg. Harry Lehmann, Factor X/10 Club, 45-70. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. (Details)
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  Keegan, Anne, Huemann, Martina, Ringhofer, Claudia. 2017. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN ORGANIZATIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT: CURRENT TRENDS AND FUTURE PROSPECTS. In: Organizational Project Management: Achieving Strategies through projects, Hrsg. Shankar Sankaran, Ralf Müller, Nathalie Drouin, 153-171. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. (Details)
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2015 Commendatore, Pasquale, Filoso, Valerio, Grafeneder-Weissteiner, Theresa, Kubin, Ingrid. 2015. Towards a Multiregional NEG Framework: Comparing Alternative Modelling Strategies. In: Complexity and Geographical Economics: Topics and Tools, Hrsg. Commendatore, Kayam, Kubin, 13-50. Heidelberg: Springer. (Details)
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2013 Hoenen, Anne Kristin, Hansen, Michael W.. 2013. Carlsberg in India: Entry Strategy in Global Oligopolistic Industries. In: The Global Brewery Industry: Markets, Strategies, and Rivalries, Hrsg. Jens Gammelgaard, Christoph Dörrenbächer, 166-195. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. (Details)
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2011 Ebinger, Falk, Grohs, Stephan, Reiter, Renate, Kuhlmann, Sabine. 2011. Institutional Decentralization Policies as Multi-Level Governance Strategies – Evaluating the Impacts of Decentralization in Western Europe. In: Policy, Performance and Management in Governance and Intergovernmental Relations: Transatlantic Perspectives, Hrsg. Holzer, Marc; Massey, Andrew; Ongaro, Edoardo; Wayenberg, Ellen, S. 180-194. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. (Details)
2009 Wöckl, Jürgen. 2009. Interacting Advertising and Production Strategies - A Model Approach on Customers' Communication Networks. In: Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems V, Hrsg. Terano, T.; Kita, H.; Takahashi, S.; Deguchi, H., 143-153. Tokyo: Springer. (Details)
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