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Journal article

2019 Farkas, Richard, Yontcheva, Biliana. 2019. Price transmission in the presence of a vertically integrated dominant firm: Evidence from the gasoline market. Energy Policy. 126 223-237. (Details)
2018 Petruzzi, Raffaele, Koukoulioti, Vasiliki. 2018. The European Commission’s Proposal on Corporate Taxation and Significant Digital Presence: Preliminary Assessment. European Taxation. 391-400. (Details)
2013 Polleres, Axel, Pichler, Reinhard, Skritek, Sebastian, Woltran, Stefan. 2013. Complexity of redundancy detection on rdf graphs in the presence of rules, constraints, and queries. Semantic Web - Interoperability, Usability, Applicability 4 (4): 351-393. (Details)
  Oliva, Clelia F., Maier, Marco, Gilles, Jeremie, Jacquet, Maxime, Lemperiere, Guy, Quilici, Serge, Vreysen, Marc J. B., Schooneman, François, Chadee, Dave D., Boyer, Sebastien. 2013. Effects of irradiation, presence of females, and sugar supply on the longevity of sterile males Aedes albopictus (Skuse) under semi-field conditions on Reunion Island. Acta Tropica 125 (3): S. 287-293. (Details)
2012 Löffler, Clemens and Pfeiffer, Thomas and Schneider, Georg. 2012. Controlling for supplier switching in the presence of real options and asymmetric information. European Journal of Operational Research 223 (3): S. 690-700. (Details)
  Taudes, Alfred, Rudloff, Christian. 2012. Integrating Inventory Control and a Price Change in the Presence of Reference Price Effects - A Two-Period Model. Mathematical Methods of Operations Reserarch (formerly: Zeitschrift für Operations Research (ZOR)) 75 (1): 29-65. (Details)
2011 Herath, Shanaka, Maier, Gunther. Forthcoming. Hedonic house prices in the presence of spatial and temporal dynamics. Land Administration Cadastre and Real Estate (Details)
  Rocha-Akis, Silvia, Schöb, Ronnie. 2011. Welfare policy in the presence of unionised labour and internationally mobile firms. Scandinavian Journal of Economics 113 (1): 93-119. (Details)
2005 Berger, Ulrich. 2005. Access Charges in the Presence of Call Externalities. Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy 3 (1), 1538-1645. (Details)
2004 Böheim, Rene, Booth, Alison L. 2004. Trade Union Presence and Employer-Provided Training in Great Britain. Industrial Relations 43 (3), 520-545. (Details)
1999 Mahrer, Harald, Klimesch, Rainer. 1999. The web-site-improvement-cycle: An approach for financial services companies to assurea successful web-presence. Systémová Integrace, 6, 3 (Details)
1993 Darrough, Masako N., Stoughton, Neal. 1993. Intertemporal Cost Dependence in the Presence of Managerial Impatience. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 20 23-47. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2010 Pistone, Pasquale. 2010. Effective protection of rights in the presence of final decisions : Combining stability with the correct interpretation of European tax law beyond national procedural autonomy. In: Festschrift zum 60. Geburtstag von Friedrich Rödler, Hrsg. Lang, Michael; Weinzierl, Christine, 731-738. Wien: Linde. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2011 Dumitrache, Anca, Mileo, Alessandra, Zimmermann, Antoine, Polleres, Axel, Obermeier, Philipp, Friel, Owen. 2011. Enabling privacy-preserving semantic presence in instant messaging systems. In Modeling and Using Context, Proceedings of the 7th International and Interdisciplinary Conference CONTEXT 2011,, Hrsg. Michael Beigl, Henning Christiansen, Thomas R. Roth-Berghofer, Anders Kofod-Petersen, Kenny R. Coventry, Hedda R. Schmidtke, 82-96. Karlsruhe, Germany: Springer. (Details)
2010 Pichler, Reinhard, Polleres, Axel, Skritek, Sebastian, Woltran, Stefan. 2010. Redundancy elimination on RDF graphs in the presence of rules, constraints, and queries. In Web Reasoning and Rule Systems - Fourth International Conference, RR2010, Volume 6333 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Hrsg. Pascal Hitzler, Thomas Lukasiewicz, 133-148. Bressanone, Italy: Springer. (Details)
  Hauswirth, Manfred, Euzenat, Jeróme, Friel, Owen, Griffin, Keith, Hession, Pat, Jennings, Brendan, Groza, Tudor, Handschuh, Siegfried, Podar Zarko, Ivana, Polleres, Axel, Zimmermann, Antoine. 2010. Towards consolidated presence. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing, Hrsg. IEEE, 1-10. Chicago, Illinois, USA: (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2014 Sardadvar, Sascha. 2014. Does the Presence of High-Skilled Employees Increase Total and High-Skilled Employment in the Long Run? Evidence from Austria. 54th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, St. Petersburg, Russische Föderation, 26.08.-29.08.. (Details)
2010 Rocha-Akis, Silvia. 2010. Welfare policy in the presence of unionised labour and internationally mobile firms (with Ronnie Schöb). CESifo Area Conference on Public Sector Economics, München, Deutschland, 09.04.-11.04.. (Details)
2009 Rentel, Nadine. 2009. Subjectivity in academic discourse: A cross-linguistic comparison of the author's presence in French, Italian and German research articles in linguistics. 11th International Pragmatics Conference, Universität Melbourne, Australien, Juli. (Details)
2008 Rocha-Akis, Silvia. 2008. Wage taxation in the presence of unionised labour and internationally mobile firms. 64th Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF), Maastricht, Niederlande, 22.08.-25.08.. (Details)
  Rocha-Akis, Silvia. 2008. Wage Taxation in the Presence of Unionised Labour and Internationally Mobile Firms. 15th World Congress of the International Economic Association (IEA), Istambul, Türkei, 25.06.-29.06.. (Details)
  Rocha-Akis, Silvia. 2008. Wage Taxation in the Presence of Unionized Labour and Internationally Mobile Firms. International Trade and Finance Association (ITFA), Lisbon, Portugal, 21.05-24.05. (Details)
2004 Bendl, Regine. 2004. Diversity Management@com - Past, Presence, and Future of Management Trends or 'why Diversity Management and Postmodernism go together like a horse and a carriage?' Vortrag im Rahmen der Tagung 'EU Diversity Winners, Vienna Conference' Vienna, Österreich, 13.05.-14.05. Invited Talk (Details)
1993 Strasser, H.. 1993. Asymptotic efficiency of estimates in the presence of nuisance parameters. Invited Lecture beim der Tagung Nonparametric and Semiparametric Models der Russischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, St. Petersburg (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2018 Petkova, Kunka, Stasio, Andrzej, Zagler, Martin. 2018. On the relevance of double tax treaties in the presence of treaty shopping. WU International Taxation Research Paper Series No. 2018-05. open access (Details)
2012 Kubin, Ingrid, Commendatore, Pasquale, Petraglia, Carmelo, Sushko, Iryna. 2012. Economic integration and agglomeration in a customs union in the presence of an outside region. (Details)
2010 Rocha-Akis, Silvia, Schöb, Ronnie. 2010. Welfare Policy in the Presence of Unionised Labour and Internationally Mobile Firms. CESifo Working Paper Series No. 3032. (Details)
2009 Rocha-Akis, Silvia, Schöb, Ronnie. 2009. Welfare policy in the presence of unionised labour and internationally mobile firms. FU Discussion Paper Series (Economics) no. 2009/14, August. (Details)
2001 Pötzelberger, K., Hanke, M.. 2001. Option pricing in the presence of warrants. Department of Statistics and Mathematics (Details)


2007 Rocha-Akis, Silvia. 2007. Essays on strategic fiscal policy in the presence of internationally mobile firms. Dissertation, Department of Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2015 Di Ciccio, Claudio. 2015. The Automated Discovery of Declarative Processes. Presence and Future of Process Mining, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 22.09. (Details)
2006 Frühwirth, Manfred. 2006. The Optimal Design of Bonus Plans in the Presence of Earnings Management. Brownbag Seminar of the Accounting and Control Department at Harvard Business School, Boston, 15.05. (Details)
  Frühwirth, Manfred. 2006. The Optimal Design of Bonus Plans in the Presence of Earnings Management. Research Seminar of the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 28.03. (Details)