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Journal article

2017 Dikova, Desislava, van Witteloostuijn, A., Parker, S. 2017. Capability, environment and internationalization fit, and financial and marketing performance of MNEs’ foreign subsidiaries: An abductive configurational approach. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management 24 (3), 405-435. (Details)
2016 Miska, Christof, Witt, Michael A., Stahl, Günter. 2016. Drivers of Global CSR Integration and Local CSR Responsiveness: Evidence from Chinese MNEs. Business Ethics Quarterly (BEQ) 26 (3), 317-345. (Details)
  Mohr, Alexander, Batsakis, Georgios. 2016. Internationalization Speed and Firm Performance: A Study of the Market-Seeking Expansion of Retail MNEs. Management International Review , 1-25. (Details)
  Batsakis, Georgios, Mohr, Alexander. 2016. Revisiting the relationship between product diversification and internationalization process in the context of emerging market MNEs. Journal of World Business 52 (4), 564-577. (Details)
  Peng, Xue. 2016. The Application of the Arm's Length Principle to the Allocation of Joint Efficiencies within MNEs. IBFD Journal Articles 23 (5), 378-392. (Details)
2015 Arslan, Ahmad , Dikova, Desislava. 2015. Influences of Institutional Distance and MNEs` Host Country Experience on the Ownership Strategy in Cross-Border M&As in Emerging Economies. Journal of Transnational Management 20 (4): 231-256. (Details)
  Gruber, Verena, Schlegelmilch, Bodo B. 2015. MNEs' Regional Headquarters and their CSR Agenda in the African Context" International Marketing Review 32 (5): S. 576-602. (Details)
  Bayer, Ralph-C, Oberhofer, Harald, Winner, Hannes. 2015. The Occurrence of Tax Amnesties: Theory and Evidence. Journal of Public Economics 125 (1), 70-82. open access (Details)
2012 Dikova, Desislava, Smeets, R., Garretsen, J.H., van Ees, H. 2012. MNEs immediate responses to financial crisis. International Business Review 22 (1), 202-215. (Details)
2011 Boddewyn, Jean, Doh, Jonathan. 2011. Global strategy and the collaboration of MNEs, NGOs, and governments for the provisioning of collective goods in emerging markets. Global Strategy Journal 1 (3-4): 345-361. (Details)
2009 Oetzel , Jennifer, Doh, Jonathan. 2009. MNEs and development: a review and reconceptualization. Journal of World Business (formerly: Columbia Journal of World Business) 44 (2): 108-120. (Details)
  Vachani, Sushil, Doh, Jonathan, Teegen, Hildy. 2009. NGOs influence on MNEs social development strategies in varying institutional contexts: A transaction cost perspective. International Business Review 18 (5): 446-456. (Details)
2007 Berger, Peter. 2007. Of Affluence and Amnesia. Contemporary Austrian Studies 15 225-237. (Details)
2005 Herdin, Judith; Lang, Michael. 2005. Die verfassungsrechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen für "Steueramnestien". JRP 2005, 52 (Details)
2003 Walther, H.. 2003. Normal Randomness Expected Utility, Time Preference and Emotional Distortions. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 52, 253-266 (Details)
1997 Bister, Anita. 1997. Amnesty International. Die weltweit bekannte Menschenrechtsorganisation hat ihr Internationales Sekretariat in London. Das Menschenrecht, 3, 25-28 (Details)
  Bellak Christian. 1997. Austrian Manufacturing MNEs: Long Term Perspectives. Journal of Business History, Vol. 39, No. 1, pp. 47-71 (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2016 Dickmann, Michael, Cerdin, Jean-Luc, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang. 2016. Global Careers in European MNEs: Different Career Patterns in Europe? In: International Human Resource Management. Contemporary Issues in Europe, Hrsg. M. Dickmann & C. Brewster & P. Sparrow, 297-328. New York, Oxon: Routledge. (Details)
2009 Weber, Barbara, Buber, Renate. 2009. Strategisches Ehrenamtlichen-Management: Eine Aktivismusanalyse bei Amnesty International Österreich. In: Fallstudien zum NPO-Management. Praktische BWL für Vereine und Sozialeinrichtungen, Hrsg. Renate Buber, Michael Meyer, 254-273. Stuttgart: Schäffer Poeschel. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2015 Gruber, Verena, Schlegelmilch, Bodo B. 2015. Exploring CSR PRactices of MNEs in Developing Countries. In Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Internaitonal Business, Hrsg. Academy of Internaitonal Business, 10-15. Bengaluru: None. (Details)
  Schlegelmilch, Bodo B., Gruber, Verena. 2015. Exploring CSR Practices of MNEs in Developing Countries . In Proceedings of the 57th Annual meeting of the Academy of International Business, Hrsg. Academy of International Business, 85-87. Bengaluru / India: None. (Details)
2014 Franke, Nikolaus, Lettl, Christopher, Türtscher, Philipp, Roiser, Susanne. 2014. Does God Play Dice? - Randomness vs. Deterministic Explanations of Crowdsourcing Success. In Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Hrsg. Academy of Management, *-*. Philadelphia: Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2017 Veselova, A., Dikova, Desislava. 2017. Performance of Russian MNEs: The importance of fit between strategy, structure, capability and environment. 44th AIB (UK&I) & 6th Reading IB Conference 2017, Reading, Großbritannien, 06.04.2017-08.04.2017. (Details)
2015 Hoppe, Thomas and Schanz, Deborah and Sturm, Susann and Sureth, Caren. 2015. Lost in Complexity - The Impact of Tax Regulations on MNEs. Fakultätsworkshop der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Bad Arolsen, Bad Arolsen, Deutschland, 09. (Details)
  Hoppe, Thomas and Schanz, Deborah and Sturm, Susann and Sureth, Caren. 2015. Lost in Complexity - The Impact of Tax Regulations on MNEs. arqus-Tagung, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Hannover, Deutschland, 07. (Details)
2014 Franke, Nikolaus, Lettl, Christopher, Roiser, Susanne, Türtscher, Philipp. 2014. Does God Play Dice? Randomness vs. Deterministic Explanations of Crowdsourcing Success. TIE (Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship) Conference, München, Deutschland, 23.10-24.10.. (Details)
  Franke, Nikolaus, Lettl, Christopher, Roiser, Susanne, Türtscher, Philipp. 2014. Does God play Dice? Randomness vs. Deterministic Explanations of Crowdsourcing Success.. Academy of Management Conference, Philadelphia, PA, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 01.08.-05.08. (Details)
  Franke, Nikolaus, Lettl, Christopher, Roiser, Susanne, Türtscher, Philipp. 2014. Does god play dice? Randomness vs. deterministic explanations of crowdsourcing success.. OUI Open and User Innovation Workshop 2014, Harvard, Boston, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 29.07.. (Details)
2013 Franke, Nikolaus, Lettl, Christopher, Roiser, Susanne, Türtscher, Philipp. 2013. "Does god play dice?" Randomness vs. deterministic explanations of idea originality in crowdsourcing. DRUID Conference, Barcelona, Spanien, 17.06.-19.6.. (Details)
  Miska, Christof and Stahl, Günter. 2013. CSR Strategies of Chinese MNEs - balancing global integration and local responsiveness. Academy of International Business, Istanbul, Türkei, 03.07-06.07. (Details)
  Gleich, Wolfgang M., Schmeißer, Björn. 2013. International Sourcing of Service MNEs – A Competitive Perspective. European International Business Academy, Bremen, Deutschland, 12.12.-14.12. (Details)
2012 Puck, Jonas. 2012. Paul Beamish's Contribution to a Dynamic Perspective on Ownership Strategies in MNEs. Presentation in the Panel "Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances: Theory and Practice. A Quarter Century of Contributions by Paul Beamish." Organizer: Danny van den Bulcke; Panelists: Paul Beamish; Jean-Francois Hennart; Jonas Puck; Randi Lunnan; Alain Verbeke. EIBA Conference, Brighton, Großbritannien, 6.12.-9.12.2012. (Details)
  Kalajdzisalihovic, Namik. 2012. Cross-border acquisitions by Brazilian MNEs: past experience and M&A activity. 3rd Copenhagen Conference on Emerging Multinationals, Copenhagen, Dänemark, 25.10.-26.10. (Details)
  Wisgickl, Alexander, Puck, Jonas, Floh, Arne. 2012. One For All? Transaction Cost Determinants and Entry Mode of SMEs vs. MNEs: A Meta-Analysis. AIB 2012 Annual Meeting, Washington DC, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 30.06-03.07. (Details)
  Wisgickl, Alexander, Puck, Jonas, Floh, Arne. 2012. The effect of transaction cost determinants on entry mode decisions of SMEs and MNEs: A meta-analysis. 29th Euro-Asia Management Studies Association Annual Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapur, 1 October to 3 November 2012. (Details)
  Low, Yi Jia, Robins, James A.. 2012. Effects of MNEs On Local Firms in Transition Economies: An Institutional Approach to FDI Spillover. Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Guangzhou, China, -. (Details)
  Kalajdzisalihovic, Namik, Dikova, Desislava. 2012. The rise of Brazilian EMNEs revealed through cross-border acquisitions: the impact of past experience on future M&A activity. EIBA 2012, Brighton, Großbritannien, 06.12-09.12. (Details)
2010 Doh, Jonathan, Boddewyn, J.. 2010. Global Strategy and the Collaboration among MNEs. Governments, and NGOs in the Global Business Environment. Global Strategy Journal Launch Conference, Chicago, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, -. (Details)
2006 Bellak, Christian. 2006. BITs, Panel Session, Towards a more coherent international policy framework for MNEs. European International Business Academy (EIBA), Fribourg, Schweiz, December. (Details)
  Vachani, Sushil , Doh, Jonathan, Teegen, Hildy. 2006. NGOs influence on MNEs Strategies for Environmental and Social Responsibility: A Transaction Cost Perspective. Academy of International Business, Beijing, China, -. (Details)
2003 Uhlenbruck, Klaus, Rodriguez , Peter, Doh, Jonathan, Eden, Lorraine. 2003. How Corruption Affects Firm Strategy: Entry Mode Adaptation by Telecom MNEs Entering Emerging Economies. Academy of International Business, Monterey, Kanada, -. (Details)

Poster presented at an academic conference or symposium

2014 Stastka, Kurt, Schiffinger, Michael, Löffler-Stastka, Henriette. 2014. Therapieeffektivität eines achtwöchigen Psychosomatikturnus der regionalen Versorgungspsychiatrie in einer Einjahreskatanamnese. Praxisorientierte Psychotherapieforschung: Verfahrensübergreifende, patientenorientierte Aspekte und Kompetenzentwicklung, Wien, Österreich, 7.11.-8.11.. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2017 Löhndorf, Nils, Shapiro, Alexander. 2017. Modeling Time-dependent Randomness in Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming. (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2016 Matti, Emanuel. 2016. Studie zur Situation besonders vulnerabler Schutzsuchender im Österreichischen Asyl- und Grundversorgungsrecht. Wien:Amnesty International. (Details)

Encyclopedia article

1992 Nowotny, Ewald. 1992. erga omnes principle. In: The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance, London, New York (Details)


2004 Sausgruber, Rupert, Winner, Hannes. 2004. Steueramnestien abgesagt: Eine kluge Entscheidung?. Österreichische Steuerzeitung 10 207-211. (Details)