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Book (monograph)

2016 Holweg, Christina, Lienbacher, Eva. 2016. Social Supermarkets in Europe - Investigations from a retailing perspective in selected European countries. Vienna: Eigenverlag. (Details)
1999 Bichler, M.. 1999. Trading Financial Derivatives on the Web - An Approach towards Automating Negotiaitons on OTC markets. Information Systems Frontiers (ISF), Kluwer Academic Publishers 1999 (Vol 1-No 3). (Details)

Journal article

2019 Huber, Florian, Punzi, Maria Teresa. 2019. International housing markets, unconventional monetary policy and the zero lower bound. Macroeconomic Dynamics, , (Details)
2018 Akbar, Yusaf, Balboni, Bernardo, Bortoluzzi, Guido, Dikova, Desislava, Tracogna, Andrea. 2018. Disentangling resource and mode escalation in the context of emerging markets. Evidence from a sample of manufacturing SMEs. Journal of International Management, , open access (Details)
2017 Bolton, Gary, Greiner, Ben, Ockenfels, Axel. 2017. Dispute Resolution or Escalation? The Strategic Gaming of Feedback Withdrawal Options in Online Markets. Management Science (MS) , (Details)
  Grisold, Andrea, Grabner, Daniel Patrick. 2017. Maturity and Decline in Press Markets of Small Countries. The Case of Austria. Recherche en Communication, 44, 49-80. open access (Details)
  Rammerstorfer, Margarethe, Kremser, Thomas . 2017. Predictive Performance and Bias - Evidence from Natural Gas Markets. Journal of Management and Sustainability 7 (2), 1-26. open access (Details)
  Greiner, Ben, Zhang, Le, Tang, Chengxiang. 2017. Separation of prescription and treatment in health care markets: A laboratory experiment. Health Economics 26 (S3), 21-35. (Details)
  Judt, Ewald, Klausegger, Claudia. 2017. Was sind eigentlich ... Two-sided Markets? BankArchiv: Zeitschrift für das gesamte Bank- und Börsenwesen (4), 260-260. (Details)
2016 Rabitsch, Katrin. 2016. An Incomplete Markets Explanation of the UIP Puzzle. Review of International Economics 24 (2), 422-446. (Details)
  Filatotchev, Igor, Bell, G., Rasheed, A. 2016. Globalization of capital markets: Implications for firm strategies. Journal of International Management 22 (3), 211-221. (Details)
  Huang, Rachel, Mürmann, Alexander, Tzeng, Larry. 2016. Hidden Regret in Insurance Markets. Journal of Risk and Insurance 83 (1), 181-216. (Details)
  Gugler, Klaus, Szücs, Florian. 2016. Merger externalities in oligopolistic markets. International Journal of Industrial Organization 47, 230-254. open access (Details)
  Li, W., Filatotchev, Igor, Bruton, G. 2016. Mitigating the dual liability of newness and foreignness in capital markets: The role of returnee independent directors . Journal of World Business 51 (1), 787-799. (Details)
  Stahl, Günter and Miska, Christof and Puffer, Sheila M. and McCarthy, Daniel J. 2016. Responsible Global Leadership in Emerging Markets. Advances in Global Leadership 9, 79-106. (Details)
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  Rammerstorfer, Margarethe, Kremser, Thomas. 2016. The Convenience Yield Implied in the European Natural Gas Markets. - 9 (3), 27-58. (Details)
  Dikova, Desislava and Panibratov, A. and Veselova, A. and Ermolaeva, L. 2016. The joint effect of investment motives and institutional context on Russian international acquisitions. International Journal of Emerging Markets 11 (4), 1-37. (Details)
2015 Dockner, Engelbert, Eksi-Altay, Zehra, Rammerstorfer, Margarethe. 2015. A Convenience Yield Approximation Model for Mean-Reverting Commodities. Journal of Futures Markets 35 S. 625-654. (Details)
  Spiekermann, Sarah, Novotny, Alexander. 2015. A vision for global privacy bridges: Technical and legal measures for international data markets. Computer Law and Security Review 31 (2): S. 181-200. open access (Details)
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  Mild, Andreas, Wöckl, Jürgen, Waitz, Martin. 2015. How low can you go? - Overcoming lender inability to set proper interest rates on unsecured peer-to-peer lending markets. Journal of Business Research 68, 1291-1305. (Details)
  Bogner, Stefan, Gasser, Stephan, Rammerstorfer, Margarethe. 2015. M&As in European and North American Energy Markets: Implications for the Assessment of Legal and Ownership Unbundling. Journal of Competition Law and Economics 11 (4), 935-955. (Details)
  Spiekermann, Sarah, Böhme, Rainer, Acquisti, Alessandro, Hui, Kai-Lung. 2015. Personal Data Markets. Electronic Markets (em) 25 (2): S. 91-93. open access (Details)
  Spiekermann, Sarah, Böhme, Rainer, Acquisti, Alessandro, Hui, Kai-Lung. 2015. The Challenges of Personal Data Markets and Privacy. Electronic Markets (em) 25 (2): S. 161-167. open access (Details)
2014 Lampe, Markus, Carmona, Juan, Rosés, Juan R.. 2014. Spanish Housing Markets, 1904-34: New Evidence. Revista de Historia Económica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History 32 (1): 119-150. (Details)
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  Heber, Caroline, Sternberg, Christian. 2014. OTC Derivative Markets in the light of the EMIR Clearing Obligations and the FTT. Derivatives & Financial Instruments S. 107-116. (Details)
  Fisch, Jan Hendrik, Ross, Jan-Michael. 2014. Timing decisions in new product development for international markets: A review and directions for empirical research. Marketing. ZFP - Journal of Research and Management (früher: Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis (Marketing ZFP) 36 (2), 151-159. (Details)
2013 Hoskisson, R., Wright, M., Filatotchev, Igor, Peng, M.. 2013. Emerging multinationals from mid-range economies: The influence of institutions and factor markets. Journal of Management Studies 50 (7): 1295-1321. (Details)
  Antonakakis, Nikolaos, Vergos, Konstantinos. 2013. Sovereign Bond Yield Spillovers in the Euro Zone During the Financial and Debt Crisis. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 26 258-272. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2017 Spiekermann-Hoff, Sarah. 2017. It¿s all about design: An ethical analysis of personal data markets and user property rights in their data. In: Transatlantic Data Privacy Relations as a Challenge for Democracy; European Integration and Democracy Series, Hrsg. Svantesson, Dan J.B. and Dariusz Kloza (eds.), 1-12. Cambridge: Intersentia. (Details)
2015 Brewster, Chris, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Cooke, Fang Lee. 2015. Convergence, divergence and diffusion of HRM in emerging markets. In: Handbook of Human Resource Management in Emerging Markets, Hrsg. Horwitz, F.; Budhwar, P. 451-469. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA, USA: Elgar. (Details)
2014 Wisgickl, Alexander, Puck, Jonas. 2014. Considering the local partner. A two-sided perspective on transaction costs during market entry. In: Progress in International Business Research: Multinational Enterprises, Markets and Institutional Diversity, Hrsg. Alain Verbeke, Rob Van Tulder, Sarianna Lunnan, 49-69. Bingley: Emerald. (Details)
  Maier, Gunther, Kaufmann, Philipp, Baroian Haftvani, Edwin. 2014. Geopolitical Changes in Vienna's Real Estate Market. In: European Metropolitan Commercial Real Estate Markets, Hrsg. Ed F. Nozeman, Arno J. Van der Vlist, 281-300. Heidelberg: Springer. (Details)
  Spash, Clive L. 2014. The Politics of Researching Carbon Trading in Australia. In: The Politics of Carbon Markets, Hrsg. Benjamin Stephan and Richard Lane, 191-211. London: Routledge. (Details)
2013 Hoenen, Anne Kristin, Hansen, Michael W.. 2013. Carlsberg in India: Entry Strategy in Global Oligopolistic Industries. In: The Global Brewery Industry: Markets, Strategies, and Rivalries, Hrsg. Jens Gammelgaard, Christoph Dörrenbächer, 166-195. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. (Details)
  Wagner, Udo, Weitzl, Wolfgang. 2013. A note on measuring competition for FMCG markets. In: Handel in Theorie und Praxis, Hrsg. Crockford, G., Ritschel, F. und Schmieder, U., 209-224. Wiesbaden: Gabler. (Details)
  Novotny, Alexander, Spiekermann, Sarah. 2013. Personal Information Markets and Privacy: A New Model to Solve the Controversy. In: Digital Enlightenment Yearbook 2013, Hrsg. M. Hildebrandt et al., 102-120. Amsterdam: IOS Press. (Details)
2012 Heidenreich, Stefan, Puck, Jonas, Nell, Phillip. 2012. Political Strategies as a Response to Public and Private Stakeholder Pressures. In: Business, Society and Politics: Multinationals in Emerging Markets, Hrsg. Hadjikhani, Amjad; Elg, Ulf; Ghauri, Pervez, 69-83. London: Emerald Group Publishing. (Details)
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  Österle, August. 2012. Long-term Care Financing in Central Eastern Europe. In: Financing Long-term Care in Europe. Institutions, Markets and Models, Hrsg. Costa-Font, Joan, Courbage, Christophe, 236-253. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. (Details)
2011 Naydenova, Miglena, Lemanski, Michal. Forthcoming. New Play, but Old Actors. Tortuous Evolution of Company Ownership in Emerging Markets of Central and Eastern Europe. In: Business Development in Emerging Economies, Hrsg. Palgrave Macmillan. (Details)
  Frerichs, Sabine. 2011. Re-embedding Neo-liberal Constitutionalism: A Polanyian Case for the Economic Sociology of Law. In: Karl Polanyi, Globalisation and the Potential of Law in Transnational Markets, Hrsg. Joerges, Christian; Falke, Josef, 65-84. Oxford: HART Publishing. (Details)
2010 Bell, G., Filatotchev, Igor, Rasheed, A. . 2010. Liability of foreignness: New insights from capital markets. In: Advances in International Management, Hrsg. T. Devinney, T. Pedersen, L. Tihanyi, 293-326. Bradford: Emerald Publishing. (Details)
  Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus. 2010. Could Markets Have Helped Predict the Puzzling Exchange Rate Path in CESEE Countries during the Current Crisis? (with A. Gersl and T. Slacik). In: Focus on European Economic Integration 1/10, Hrsg. OeNB, Washington: OeNB. (Details)
2009 Frey, Rüdiger, Bordag, Ljudmila. 2009. Pricing options in illiquid markets: symmetry reductions and exact solutions. In: Nonlinear Models in Mathematical Finance New Research Trends in Option Pricing, Hrsg. Matthias Ehrhardt, 103-129. New York: Nova Science Publishers. (Details)
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  Onaran, Özlem. Forthcoming. The Effect of Trade and FDI on employment in the Central and Eastern European Countries: a country specific panel data analysis for the manufacturing industry. In: The EU and Emerging Markets, Hrsg. Tondl, G., Springer. (Details)
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2008 Burger, Anton, Ferstl, Robert. 2008. Generation Capacity Investment in Electricity Markets under Uncertainty. In: EEM08 Conference Proceedings,, Hrsg. IEEE Explore, ---. Lissabon: IEEE. (Details)
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