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Journal article

Forthcoming LiPuma,, Joseph A., Newbert,, Scott L., Doh, Jonathan. Forthcoming. The effect of institutional quality on firm export performance in emerging economies: a contingency model of firm age and size. Small Business Economics (Details)
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Chapter in edited volume

2018 Commendatore, Pasquale, Kubin, Ingrid, Sushko, Iryna. 2018. Emerging Trade Patterns in a 3-Region Linear NEG Model: Three Examples. In: The Economy as a Complex Spatial System, Hrsg. Pasquale Commendatore, Ingrid Kubin, Spiros Bougheas, Alan Kirman, Michael Kopel, Gian Italo Bischi, 38-80. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. (Details)
2017 Thielemann, Nadine. Forthcoming. Constructional patterns emerging in talk-in-interaction – Some observations of the grammar of govorit’ in colloquial Russian. In: Urban Voices. Studies in the Sociolinguistics, Grammar and Pragmatics of Spoken Russian. Hrsg. Thielemann, Nadine/Richter, Nicole, Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang. (Details)
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Contribution to conference proceedings

2011 Krumay, Barbara, Brandtweiner, Roman. 2011. The Application of Bayesian Belief Networks. In Proceedings of the 24th Bled eConference: eMergence: Merging and Emerging Technologies, Processes, and Institutions, Hrsg. Andreja Pucihar, Jože Gričar, Dianne Lux Wigand, Ulrike Lechner, Roger Clarke, 193-206. Bled, Slowenia: (Details)
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2007 Brandtweiner, Roman, Donat, Elisabeth. 2007. Digital Divide in Austria - Any Reasons for Enthusiasm? The Case of Austria. In Online Proceedings of the 20th Bled eConference – eMergence: Merging and Emerging Technologies, Processes and Institutions, 3-6 June, Bled Slovenia, Hrsg. M. Lynne Markus, J. Felix Hampe, Joze Gricar, Andreja Pucihar, Gregor Lenart, 193-206. Bled, Slovenia: (Details)
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1996 Kuester Sabine. 1996. Retaliatory Behavior of Firms Threatened by Innovations: An Empirical Investigation Using Structural Equation Modeling Competitive Signaling in Emerging Technologies. Proceedings of the INFORMS Maketing Science, 1996 Gainesville, Florida (USA) (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2014 Cejnek, Georg. 2014. Exploiting Value and Momentum in Emerging Market Assets. (Details)
2013 Dobernig, Karin, Scholl, Gerd, Brumbauer, Tanja, Grubbe, Magnus. 2013. Green ICT for Sustainable Consumption? Exploring Emerging Policies and Open Research Questions. Background Paper. 2nd Multinational Knowledge Brokerage Event. (Details)
2010 Mayer, Manuel. Forthcoming. Forward Bias Trading in Emerging Markets. (Details)
  Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus. 2010. Can Emerging Asset Price Bubble be Detected?. OECD Economics Department Working Papers, No. 772. (Details)
2008 Novy, Andreas, Lengauer, Lukas, Coimbra de Souza, Daniela. 2008. Vienna in an emerging trans-national region: Socioeconomic development in the Central European region Centrope. DEMOLOGOS Working Paper. (Details)
2007 Novy, Andreas, Lengauer, Lukas, Coimbra de Souza, Daniela. 2007. Vienna in an emerging trans-national region: Socioeconomic development in the Central European region Centrope. (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2007 Stagl, Sigrid. 2007. Emerging Methods for Sustainability Valuation and Appraisal - SDRN Rapid Research and Evidence Review'. London: Sustainable Development Research Network. (Details)