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Book (monograph)

2007 Blühdorn, Ingolfur. 2007. Economic Efficiency,Democratic Empowerment. Contested Modernisation in Britain and Germany (hg. mit Uwe Jun). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield. (Details)

Journal article

2018 Wood, Richard, Stadler, Konstantin, Simas, Moana, Bulavskaya, Tatyana, Giljum, Stefan, Lutter, Franz Stephan, Tukker, Arnold. 2018. Growth in Environmental Footprints and Environmental Impacts Embodied in Trade: Resource Efficiency Indicators from EXIOBASE3. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 22 (3), 553-564. open access (Details)
  Tukker, Arnold, Giljum, Stefan, Wood, Richard. 2018. Recent Progress in Assessment of Resource Efficiency and Environmental Impacts Embodied in Trade: An Introduction to this Special Issue. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 22 (3), 489-501. open access (Details)
  van der Ploeg, Frederick, Rezai, Armon. 2018. The Simple Arithmetic of Carbon Pricing and Stranded Assets. Energy Efficiency , (Details)
2016 Mechler, Reinhard. 2016. Reviewing estimates of the economic efficiency of disaster risk management: opportunities and limitations of using risk-based cost–benefit analysis. Natural Hazards 81 (3), 2121-2147. (Details)
  Clougherty, Joe, Kim, Jin Uk, Skousen, Bradley , Szücs, Florian. 2016. The Foundations of International Business: Cross-Border Investment Activity and the Balance between Market-Power and Efficiency Effects. Journal of Management Studies (JMS) 54 (3), 340-365. open access (Details)
  Eisenmenger, Nina, Giljum, Stefan, Lutter, Franz Stephan, Marques, Alexandra, Theurl, Michaela C., Pereira, Henrique M., Tukker, Arnold. 2016. Towards a conceptual framework for social-ecological systems integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services with resource efficiency indicators. Sustainability 2016 (8), 201-216. open access (Details)
2015 YANG, CongCong, Taudes, Alfred, Dong, Guozhi . 2015. Efficiency analysis of European Freight Villages: three peers for benchmarking. Central European Journal of Operations Research S. 1-32. (Details)
  Herath, Shanaka, Maier, Gunther. 2015. Informational efficiency of the real estate market: A meta-analysis. Journal of Economic Research 20 (2): S. 117-168. open access (Details)
  Bremberger, Christoph, Bremberger, Francisca, Luptacik, Mikulas, Schmitt, Stephan. 2015. Regulatory impact of environmental standards on the eco-efficiency of firms. JORS. Journal of the Operational Research Society (früher: Operational Research Quarterly) 66 (3), 421-433. open access (Details)
2014 Pero, Margherita, Sudy, Irene. 2014. Increasing security and efficiency in supply chains: a five-step approach. International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics 6 (3): 257-279. (Details)
  Filatotchev, Igor, Nakajima, Chizu. 2014. Corporate governance, responsible managerial behaviour and CSR: organizational Efficiency versus organizational legitimacy? Academy of Management Perspectives 28 (3), 289-306. (Details)
2013 Czypionka, Thomas, Kraus, Markus, Mayer, Susanne, Röhrling, Gerald. Forthcoming. Efficiency, Ownership, and Financing of Hospitals: The Case of Austria. Health Care Management Science (Details)
  Ledolter, Johannes. 2013. Economic Field Experiments: Comments on Design Efficiency, Sample Size and Statistical Power. Journal of Economics and Management 9 271-290. (Details)
2011 Bernroider, Edward, Obwegeser, Nikolaus, Stix, Volker. 2011. Analysis of Heuristic Validity, Efficiency and Applicability of the Profile Distance Method for Implementation in Decision Support Systems. Computers and Operations Research 38 816-823. open access (Details)
  Zagler, Martin. 2011. Endogenous Growth, Efficiency Wages, and Persistent Unemployment. Review of Economics and Finance 11 (2): 34-42. (Details)
  Kratzer, Jan, Gemuenden, Hans Georg, Lettl, Christopher. 2011. The organizational design of large R&D collaborations and its effect on time and budget efficiency: The contrast between blueprint and reality. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 58 (2): 295-306. (Details)
2009 Rossi, Stefania, Schwaiger, Markus, Winkler, Gerhard. 2009. How loan portfolio diversification affects risk, efficiency and capitalization: A managerial behavior model for Austrian banks. Journal of Banking and Finance 33 (12): 2218-2226. (Details)
2008 Kratzer, Jan, Gemuenden, Hans Georg, Lettl, Christopher. 2008. Balancing creativity and time efficiency in multi-team R&D projects: The alignment of formal and informal networks. R&D Management 38 (5): 538-549. (Details)
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2007 Gugler, Klaus, Siebert , Ralph. 2007. Market Power versus Efficiency Effects of Mergers and Research Joint Ventures: Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry. Review of Economics and Statistics 89 (4): 645-659. (Details)
2006 Reiner, Gerald, Hofmann, Paul. 2006. Efficiency analysis of supply chain processes. International Journal of Production Research 44 (23): 5065-5087. (Details)
  Reiner, Jürgen, Stix, Volker. 2006. IT transformation decision processes: A conceptual frame-work for efficiency/effectiveness optimization. Communications of the IIMA 6 (3): 51-62. (Details)
  Eller, Markus, Haiss, Peter, Steiner, Katharina. 2006. Foreign direct investment in the financial sector and economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe: The crucial role of the efficiency channel. Emerging Markets Review 7 (4): 300-319. (Details)
2005 Eckert, D., Klamler, C., Mitlöhner, J.. 2005. Condorcet efficiency, information costs, and the performance of scoring rules. Central European Journal of Operations Research, 2005:1 (Details)
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2000 Luptacik, Mikulas. 2000. Eco-Efficiency of an Economy. Acta Oeconomica 6 93-98. (Details)
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  Wöber, Karl W.. 1998. Improving the Efficiency of Marketing Information Access and Use by Tourism Organizations. Information Technology and Tourism, 1(1), 45-57 (Details)
1996 Strasser, H.. 1996. Asymptotic efficiency of estimates for models with incidental nuisance parameters. Annals of Statistics 24: 879-­901 (Details)
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1976 Strasser, H.. 1976. A note on efficiency. Metrika 23: 91-­100 (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2014 Block, S., Simsa, Ruth. Forthcoming. Internal Efficiency and Avoiding Dysfunctions in Associations. In: The Palgrave Handbook of Volunteering, Civic Participation, and Nonprofit Associations, Hrsg. Horton Smith, David, Stebbins, Robert A., Grotz, Jürgen, S. xxx-xxx. Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. (Details)
2013 Hirschnitz-Garbers, M., Montevecchi, Francesca, Martinuzzi, Robert-Andre. 2013. Resource Efficiency. In: Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility, Hrsg. Idowu, S.O.; Capaldi, N.; Zu, L; Das Gupta, A., 2018-2022. Berlin: Springer. (Details)
2011 Sonntag, Axel, Schubert, Uwe. 2011. Choosing between technological options in climate policy: Pitfalls in assessing their efficiency. In: Wirtschaft-Gesellschaft-Natur, Hrsg. Schubert, Uwe / Pinter, Djordje, 419-434. Marburg: Metropolis-Verl.. (Details)
2007 Koch, Stefan. 2007. Measuring the Efficiency of Free and Open Source Software Projects Using Data Envelopment Analysis. In Emerging Free and Open Source Software Practices, Hrsg. Sowe, S.K., Stamelos, I. and Samoladas, I., 25-44. Hershey: IGI Publishing. (Details)
  Blühdorn, Ingolfur. 2007. Democracy, Efficiency, Futurity: Contested Objectives of Societal Reform. In: Economic Efficiency – Democratic Empowerment. Contested Modernisation in Britain and Germany, Hrsg. Blühdorn, Ingolfur / Jun, Uwe, S. 69-98. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield. (Details)
  Blühdorn, Ingolfur, Jun, Uwe. 2007. Reform-Gridlock and Hyper-Innovation. Germany, Britain and the Project of Societal Modernisation. In: Economic Efficiency – Democratic Empowerment. Contested Modernisation in Britain and Germany, Hrsg. Blühdorn, Ingolfur / Jun, Uwe , S. 3-27. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield. (Details)
  Blühdorn, Ingolfur. 2007. The Third Transformation of Democracy: On the Efficient Management of Late-modern Complexity. In: Economic Efficiency – Democratic Empowerment. Contested Modernisation in Britain and Germany, Hrsg. Blühdorn, Ingolfur / Jun, Uwe, S. 299-331. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield. (Details)
2006 Luptacik, Mikulas, Böhm, Bernhard. 2006. Measuring Eco-Efficiency in a Leontief Input-Output Model. In Multiple Criteria Decision Making '05, Hrsg. Trzaskalik Tadeusz, 121-135. Katowice: The Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice. (Details)
  Giljum, Stefan. 2006. Material flow-based indicators for evaluation of eco-efficiency and dematerialisation policies. In: Sustainability indicators in Ecological Economics, Hrsg. P. Lawn (ed.)., 376-398. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. (Details)
2004 Fink, Gerhard, Haiss, Peter, Mantler, Hans Christian. 2004. Financial sector macro-efficiency: concepts, measurement, theoretical and empirical evidence. In Financial Markets in Central and Eastern Europe, Hrsg. Balling, M., Lierman, F. and Mullineux, A., 61-98. London: Routledge. (Details)
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2000 Luptacik, M.. 2000. Data envelopment analysis as a tool for measurement of eco-efficiency. In: Dockner, E.J., Hartl, R.F., Luptacik, M., Sorger, G. (eds.): Optimization, Dynamics and Economic Analysis. Essays in Honor of Gustav Feichtinger, Physica Verlag (Details)
1999 Gstach, Dieter. 1999. Bounded vs. Unbounded Noise in Efficiency Estimation: Performance of Alternative Estimators. In: Westermann, Georg (ed.): Data Envelopment Analysis in the Service Sector. Dt. Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, pp. 103-119 (Details)
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1996 Schließer, Waldfried. 1996. Consolidation and Expansion of the European Single Insurance Market. In: Sabine Urban (Ed.); Europ's Challenges: economic efficiency and social solidarity. Wiesbaden, Gabler (Details)
  Abele, H.. 1996. The Technology of Communication and the Reshaping of the European Broadcasting Industry. In: Urban, Sabine (ed.): Europe's challenges: economic efficiency and social solidarity. Wiesbaden, Gabler (Details)
1993 Gstach, Dieter. 1993. Skaleneffizienz freiwillig buchführender Betriebe in Österreich. (Scale efficiency in Austrian Agriculture). in: Land- und Forstwirtschaft im Europa der Regionen, edited by Österreichische Gesellschaft für Agrarökonomie, Vienna, pp. 123-130 (Details)
1981 Eschenbach, Rolf. 1981. Efficiency and Efficiency Measurement in Materials Management. In: Chikán, A. (Hrsg.): Economics and Management of Inventories, S. 77-84, Budapest (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2015 Auer, Alexander, Schramm, Hans-Joachim. 2015. Container Shipping Freight Rates and Resource Efficiency - A Simultaneous Equations Model Approach. In Proceedings of the 18th Annual Logistics Research Network Conference 2015, Hrsg. University of Derby, 1-8. Derby: - (Details)
  Leo, Hannes, May, John, Taudes, Alfred. 2015. Evaluation of E-Participation Efficiency with Biodiversity Measures - the Case of the Digital Agenda Vienna. In CeDEM15 Conference for E-Democracy and Open Governement, Hrsg. Peter Parycek, Noella Edelmann, S. 65-76. Krems: - (Details)
2012 Homburg, Christian, Fürst, Andreas, Löhndorf, Birgit. 2012. On the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operational Marketing Planning: Antecedents and Implications for Company Performance. In Proceedings of the AMA Winter Educators' Conference, Hrsg. American Marketing Association, 3-4. St. Petersburg, USA: (Details)
2011 Bischof, Stefan, Lopes, Nuno, Polleres, Axel. 2011. Improve efficiency of mapping data between XML and RDF with XSPARQL. In Web Reasoning and Rule Systems - Fifth International Conference, RR2011, Volume 6902 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Hrsg. Rudolph, Sebastian; Gutierrez, Claudio, 232-237. Galway, Ireland: Springer. (Details)
  Kastner, Gregor, Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia. 2011. Improving efficiency of Bayesian stochastic volatility estimation by non-centering and interweaving. In Proceedings of the 17th European Young Statisticians Meeting (EYSM), Hrsg. Paulo C. Rodrigues, Miguel de Carvalho, 131-135. Lisboa, Portugal: Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia Universidade Nova de Lisboa. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2017 Rammerstorfer, Margarethe, Weinmayer, Karl, Bressan, Silvia. 2017. Bank Holding Company Efficiency and Parent-Subsidiary Financing. (Details)
2016 Gugler, Klaus and Haxhimusa, Adhurim and Liebensteiner, Mario. 2016. Integration and Efficiency of European Electricity Markets: Evidence from Spot Prices. open access (Details)
2011 Bremberger, Christoph, Bremberger, Francisca, Schmitt, Stephan, Luptacik, Mikulas. 2011. Impact of Regulatory Standards on the Eco-Efficiency of Firms.. (Details)
2010 Janko, Wolfgang. 2010. The Efficiency of search strategies: a numerical and analytical comparison of strategies comparison of strategies assuming no or restricted knowledge of the underlying distributions. (Details)
  Klien, Michael. 2010. Hybrid Governance Modes and Efficiency of Local Public Services: An Application to Austrian Water Provision. Working Papers and Research Reports, Institute for Public Sector Economics. (Details)
2009 Maier, Gunther, Herath, Shanaka. 2009. Real Estate Market Efficiency: A Survey of Literature. SRE-Discussion Papers 2009/07. (Details)
  Kostal, Thomas, Pasterniak, Angelika. 2009. The impact of school management on education efficiency in Austria: A first glance at the secondary school level. Arbeitshefte und Forschungsberichte, Institut für Finanzwissenschaft und öffentliche Wirtschaft. (Details)
2008 Burger, Anton, von Geymüller, Philipp. 2008. Can we measure Welfare? Dynamic Comparisons of Allocative Efficiency before and after the Introduction of Quality Regulation for Norwegian Electricity Distributors. (Details)
  Winkler, Gerhard, Schwaiger, Markus, Rossi, Stefania. 2008. How loan portfolio diversification affects risk, efficiency and capitalization: a managerial behaviour model for Austrian Banks. Working Paper, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. (Details)
  Betz, R., Gunnthorsdottir, Anna. 2008. An experimental study of investment decisions in carbon emission trading schemes: What determines efficiency?. (Details)
2007 Griller, Stefan, Orator, Andreas. 2007. Meroni Revisited. Empowering European Agencies between Legitimacy and Efficiency. NEWGOV Working Paper. (Details)
2003 Breuss, F., Eller, M.. 2003. Efficiency and Federalism in the European Union: The Optimal Assignment of Policy Tasks to Different Levels of Government. IEF Working Papers, Nr. 50, May (Details)
  Eckert, Daniel, Klamler, Christian, Mitlöhner, Johann. 2003. On the superiority of the Borda rule in a distance-based perspective on Condorcet efficiency. Discussion paper 2003-5, Institut für Finanzwissenschaft und Öffentliche Wirtschaft, Universität Graz. (Details)
2000 Korhonen, P., Luptacik M.. 2000. Eco-efficiency Analysis of Power Plants: An Extension of Data Envelopment Analysis. Working Papers, W-241, Helsinki School of Economics (Details)
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1999 Trapletti A., Geyer A., Leisch F.. 1999. Cointegration and exchange market efficiency: An analysis of high frequency data. Working Paper 52, SFB Nr.010 ('Adaptive Information Systems and Modelling in Economics and Managment Science') (Details)
  Zagler, M.. 1999. Endogenous Growth, Efficiency Wages, and Persistent Unemployment. Vienna University of Economics & B.A. Working Paper No. 66, Vienna (Details)
1998 Gstach, Dieter. 1998. Small Sample Performance of Two Approaches to Technical Efficiency Estimation in Noisy Multiple Output Environments. VUE-WP No. 58 (Details)
  Gstach, Dieter. 1998. Technical Efficiency in Noisy Multi-Output Settings. VUE-WP No. 59 (Details)
1993 Gstach, Dieter. 1993. Comparing Structural Efficiency of Unbalanced Subsamples: A Resampling Adaptation of Data Envelopment Analysis. VUE-WP No. 24 (Details)
  Gstach, Dieter. 1993. Scale Efficiency: Where Data Envelopment Analysis Outperforms Stochastic Production Function Estimation. VUE-WP No. 23 open access (Details)
1992 Kubin, Ingrid. 1992. Efficiency Wages and Labour Market Dynamics. Research Memoranda der nationalökonomischen Institute der Karl Franzens Universität, Nr. 9202 (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2015 Fernandez Garcia, Javier David, Umbrich, Jürgen, Polleres, Axel. 2015. BEAR: Benchmarking the Efficiency of RDF Archiving. Vienna:WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. (Details)
  Montevecchi, Francesca, Berger, Gerald . 2015. DYNAMIX Webinar report “Results from the resource efficiency policy mix assessment: grand challenges for implementation”. Wien:WU- Wien. (Details)
2014 Montevecchi, Francesca. 2014. Report on the results of the 3rd DYNAMIX Policy Platform: "Policy design and assessment: Three policy mixes for resource efficiency and decoupling". Brussels: Institute for Managing Sustainability. (Details)
2013 Pisano, Umberto, Montevecchi, Francesca, Endl, Andreas, Berger, Gerald. 2013. Report on the results of the 1st DYNAMIX Policy Platform: "Exploring Opportunities and Challenges of Resource Efficiency Policy in Europe" 20-21 March 2013. DYNAMIX Deliverable 7.3.. Vienna: Institute for Managing Sustainability. (Details)
  Montevecchi, Francesca, Berger, Gerald. 2013. Report on the results of the 2nd DYNAMIX Policy Platform: "Policy mixes for resource efficiency in Europe: Lessons learned and ways forward" 24-25 October. .: Institute for Managing Sustainability. (Details)
1997 Alexander, Michael Frank. 1997. Interbank Payment Systems Efficiency - Report. Wien: Universität Wien. (Details)
  Alexander, Michael Frank. 1997. Telekurs AG/Swiss Interbank Clearing AG Report on Interbank Payment Systems Efficiency. Zürich: Universität Wien. (Details)
1996 Alexander, Michael Frank. 1996. Senate. Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban AffairsInvited Report and expert opinion on payment systems efficiency modeling. Washington, DC: Universität Wien. (Details)