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Journal article

2018 Dekhtyar, Serhiy, Weber, Daniela, Helgertz, Jonas, Herlitz, Agneta. 2018. Sex differences in academic strengths contribute to gender segregation in education and occupation: A longitudinal examination of 167,776 individuals. Intelligence, 67 (2), 84-92. (Details)
2017 Angel, Stefan, Heuberger, Richard, Lamei, Nadja. 2017. Differences Between Household Income from Surveys and Registers and How These Affect the Poverty Headcount: Evidence from the Austrian SILC. Social Indicators Research , open access (Details)
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  Stangl, Brigitte, Kastner, Margit, Prayag, Girish. 2017. Pay-what-you-want for high-value priced services: Differences between potential, new, and repeat customer. Journal of Business Research 74, 168-174. (Details)
  Ferencikova, Sonia, Mühlbacher, Jürgen, Nettekoven, Michaela, Siebenaler, Tom. 2017. Perceived differences of Austrian, Czech, and Slovakian managers regarding the need for change of future competencies: A self-affirmation perspective . Journal of East European Management Studies 22 (2), 144-168. (Details)
  Wieland, Hanspeter, Giljum, Stefan, Bruckner, Martin. 2017. Structural production layer decomposition: a new method to measure differences between MRIO databases for footprint assessments. Economic Systems Research, 30 (1), 61-84. open access (Details)
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  Eichler, Andreas, Leobacher, Gunther, Szölgyenyi, Michaela. 2017. Utility Indifference Pricing of Insurance Catastrophe Derivatives. European Actuarial Journal 7, 515-534. open access (Details)
2016 Sanderson, Warren and Scherbov, Serguei and Weber, Daniela and Bordone, Valeria. 2016. Combined Measures of Upper and Lower Body Strength and Subgroup Differences in Subsequent Survival Among the Older Population of England. Journal of Aging and Health 28 (7), 1178-1193. (Details)
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  Kokkoris, Michail. 2016. Revisiting the relationship between maximizing and well-being: An investigation of eudaimonic well-being. Personality and Individual Differences 99, 174-178. (Details)
2014 Kokkoris, Michail, Kühnen, Ulrich. 2014. "Express the real you": Cultural differences in the perception of self-expression as authenticity. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology 45 (8), 1221-1228. (Details)
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2013 Chetty, Raj, Guren, Adam , Manoli, Dayanand , Weber, Andrea. 2013. Does Indivisible Labor Explain the Difference between Micro and Macro Elasticities? A Meta-Analysis of Extensive Margin Elasticities. NBER Macroeconomics Annual 27 (1): S. 1-56. (Details)
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2011 Müller-Birn, Claudia, Benedikt, Meuthrath, Andreas, Erber, Sebastian, Burkhart, Baumgraß, Anne, Janette, Lehmann, Schmidl, Robert. 2011. Seeing similarity in the face of difference: enabling comparison of online production systems. Social Network Analysis and Mining 1 (2): 127-142. (Details)
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2010 Maca, Saskia, Schiesser, Andreas W., Sobala, Anna, Gruber, Kathrin, Pakesch, Georg, Prause, C., Barisani-Asenbauer, Talin. 2010. Distress, depression and coping in HLA-B27-associated anterior uveitis with focus on gender differences. British Journal of Ophthalmology 95 (9): 699-704. (Details)
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Chapter in edited volume

Forthcoming Stahl, Günter, Miska, Christof, Noval, Laura, Patock, Verena. Forthcoming. The Quest for Corporate Social Responsibility: How Global Leaders Make a Difference in Achieving Triple-Bottom-Line Outcomes. In: Research Handbook of Global Leadership: Making a difference, Hrsg. Lena Zander, Edward Elgar Publishing. (Details)
2018 Brewster, Chris, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Sparrow, Paul. 2018. HRM in Western Europe: differences without, differences within. In: Handbook Of Research On Comparative Human Resource Management, Hrsg. Chris Brewster, Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Elaine Farndale, 445-468. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. (Details)
2016 Mäkelä, Kristiina and Lauring, Jakob and Butler, Christina and Lee, Hyun-Jung and Miska, Christof and Pahlberg, Cecilia and Stahl, Günter. Forthcoming. Meeting the Challenges of Globalization in Order to Make a Difference:Implications for Teams and Team Leadership. In: Research Handbook of Global Leadership: Making a difference, Hrsg. Lena Zander, Edward Elgar Publishing. (Details)
2014 Eberherr, Helga, Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud. 2014. Doing/Undoing Differences: Die Sicht der prozessorientierten Organisationstheorien. In: "The Gender Cage – revisited“: Handbuch zur Organisations- und Geschlechterforschung, Hrsg. Maria Funder, 225-244. Baden-Baden: Nomos. (Details)
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2008 Starcke, Bettina. 2008. I don’t know – differences in patterns of collocation and semantic prosody in phrases of different lengths. In: Language, People and Numbers. Corpus Linguistics and Society, Hrsg. Andrea Gerbig & Oliver Mason, 199-216. Amsterdam: Rodopi. (Details)
2007 Becker, Joachim. 2007. Dollarisation in Latin America and Euroisation in Eastern Europe: Parallels and Differences. In Dollarization, Euroization and Financial Instability. Central and Eastern European Countries between Stagnation and Financial Crisis ?, Hrsg. Becker, Joachim / Weissenbacher, Rudy, 223-278. Marburg: Metropolis-Verl.. (Details)
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2005 Stahl, Günter, Voigt, A.. 2005. The performance impact of cultural differences in mergers and acquisitions: A critical research review and an integrative model. In: Advances in mergers and acquisitions, Hrsg. C.L. Cooper & S. Finkelstein, 51-82. New York: JAI Press. (Details)
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1990 Tödtling, Franz. 1990. Regional Differences and Determinants of Entrepreneurial Innovation - Empirical Results of an Austrian Case Study. In: Ciciotti, E., Alderman, N., Thwaites, A. (Hrsg.): Technological Change In a Spatial Context-Theory, Empirical Evidence and Policy, Springer, Heidelberg, 260-284 open access (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2015 de Leeuw, Tim, Keijl, Steffen. 2015. Research with Secondary Data: Different Matching Methods and is there a Difference?. In 2015 Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, Hrsg. Academy of Management, *-*. Vancouver: Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. (Details)
2012 Margiol, Sebastian. 2012. Digital Divide: Can Computer and Videogame Usage equalize the Gender differences in Mental Rotation Ability?. In CONF-IRM 2012 Proceedings, Hrsg. Hrsg. Brandtweiner, Roman; Janczewski, Lech, 1-12. Vienna, Austria: WU Vienna University of Economics and Business: (Details)
  Kasper, Helmut, Schilcher, Stefan, Kodydek, Georg, Dehong, Lu. 2012. The impact of monetary and non-monetary employee benefits on loyalty in consideration of hierarchical differences in China.. In Proceedings of the Fourth CAMOT International Conference 2012, Hrsg. Richard Li-Hua, Fanghua Wang, Yuan Li, Lucy Lu, Yehua Ma, Dezhi Chen, Joanne Gu, 193-208. Sunderland and Shanghai: (Details)
  Kasper, Helmut, Kodydek, Georg, Schilcher, Stefan, Dehong, Lu. 2012. Regional differences of monetary and non-monetary employee benefits in China: A comparative study in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an. In Global Business and Technology Association, Fourteenth Annual International Conference - Mapping the global future: Evolution through Innovation and Excellence, Hrsg. Nejdet Delener, Leonora Fuxman, F. Victor Lu, Susana Rodrigues, 351-358. New York City, New York: (Details)
2011 Brumana, Mara, Delmestri, Giuseppe. 2011. Societal Differences Redux. Comparing Organizational Structures in French, German, Italian and US Firms.. In Generations and Re-generations of Organizational Processes, Hrsg. S. Albertini, M. Bergami, A. D'Atri, M. De Marco, P. De Vita, M. Ferrara, C. Rossignoli, S. Salvemini, ---. Neapel: (Details)
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2009 Stangl, Brigitte, Dickinger, Astrid. 2009. Differences in Web Site Preferences Based on the Information Search Task: Findings from a Goal Directed and Exploratory Search Setting. In Marketing and the Core Disciplines: rediscovering references?, Hrsg. 38th European Marketing Academy Conference (38th EMAC), CD-CD. Audencia Nantes - France: (Details)
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2008 Salzberger, Thomas, Koller, Monika. 2008. A difference in the unit of measurement - A hidden threat to the comparability of measures derived from rating scales. In Proceedings of the Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC), December 1 - 3, 2008, University of Western Sydney, Hrsg. University of Western Sydney, 1-5. Sydney, Australien: Eigenverlag. (Details)
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  Hagmayr, Bettina, Haiss, Peter. 2006. Foreign banks in Turkey and Other EU Accession Countries - Does Minority vs. Majority Ownership Make the Difference?. In Proceedings of the International Finance Symposium 2006 on "Financial Integration Review and Steps Ahead", Marmara University, Istanbul, May 2006-07-20, Hrsg. Niyazi Berk, ---. Istanbul: (Details)
2004 Ruso, Bernhart, Atzwanger, Klaus, Buber, Renate, Gadner, Johannes, Gruber, Susanne. 2004. Age and Gender Differences in the Behavioural Response to Discrete Environment Stimuli. In Proceedings of ISHE Conference, Hrsg. ISHE Conference, ---. Gent: (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2017 Löhndorf, Nils, Wozabal, David. 2017. Indifference pricing of natural gas storage contracts. open access (Details)
2016 Gugler, Klaus, Haxhimusa, Adhurim. 2016. Cross-Border Technology Differences and Trade Barriers: Evidence from German and French Electricity Markets. (Details)
2015 Kohlhase, Saskia. 2015. Repeated Tax Losses and Accumulated Tax-Loss Carryforwards - The Role of Tax-Book Differences. (Details)
2010 Spash, Clive L., Ryan, Anthony M. 2010. Ecological, Heterodox and Neoclassical Economics: Investigating the Differences. Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA) paper 26292. WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and Norwegian University of Life Sciences. (Details)
2009 Dieckhoff, Martina , Steiber, Nadia. 2009. In Search of Gender Differences in Access to Continuing Training: Is There a Gender Gap and If Yes, Why? WZB Discussion Paper No. SP I 2009-504, Social Science Research Center (WZB) Berlin. (Details)
  Altzinger, Wilfried, Damijan, Jose. 2009. Revisiting Ricardo: Can productivity differences explain the pattern of trade between EU countries?. (Details)
  Sitz, Alfred. Forthcoming. Unemployment and International Trade: skill differences and adjustment in a Two-"Contry" World (China and the Western Economies). (Details)
2007 Bixa, Stefanie, Heitzmann, Karin, Hofbauer, Johanna, Strunk, Guido. 2007. What makes the difference? - Civic participation & social inequality. (Details)
2006 Onaran, Özlem. 2006. “Speculation-led growth and fragility in Turkey: Does EU make a difference or “can it happen again”?”, . Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration, Department of Economics Working Paper Series: No: 93.. (Details)
  Bixa, Stefanie, Meyer, Michael, Strunk, Guido. 2006. Differences in Social Participation and Civic Cultures across Europe. (Details)
2001 Spiess, C. Katharina, Schneider, Ulrike. 2001. More, less, or all the same? The difference midlife caregiving makes for women's adjustments of work hours. European Panel Analysis Group (EPAG). Working Paper No. 25, September (Details)
1998 Dür, M.. 1998. Global Optimality Conditions for Minimizing Differences of Functions. Forschungsbericht No. 57 des Institutes für Statistik, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2017 Vettori, Oliver, Ledermüller, Karl, Höcher, Julia, Zeeh, Julia, Schwarzl, Christoph. 2017. “Developing a quality culture through internal dialogue at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) - The medium is still the message”. Enhancing quality and employability in higher education: can internal quality assurance make a difference? Paris:UNESCO IIEP. (Details)

Encyclopedia article

2017 Herlitz, Agneta and Dekhtyar, Serhiy and Asperholm, Martin and Weber, Daniela. Forthcoming. Gender Differences in Memory and Cognition. In Encyclopedia of Geropsychology, Hrsg. Nancy A. Pachana, Singapore: Springer. (Details)