Quotation Thielemann, Nadine. 2020. Understanding Conversational Joking: A cognitive-pragmatic study based on Russian interactions. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins.




This book examines the diverse forms of conversational humor with the help of examples drawn from casual interactions among Russian speakers. It argues that neither an exclusively discourse-analytic perspective on the phenomenon nor an exclusively cognitive one can adequately account for conversational joking. Instead, the work advocates reconciling these two perspectives in order to describe such humor as a form of cognitive and communicative creativity, by means of which interlocutors convey additional meanings and imply further interpretive frames. Accordingly, in order to analyze cognition in interaction, it introduces a discourse-semantic framework which complements mental spaces and blending theory with ideas from discourse analysis. On the one hand, this enables both the emergent and interactive character and the surface features of conversational joking to be addressed. On the other, it incorporates into the analysis those normally backgrounded cognitive processes responsible for the additional meanings emerging from, and communicated by jocular utterances.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Book (monograph)
Language English
Title Understanding Conversational Joking: A cognitive-pragmatic study based on Russian interactions
Location Amsterdam/Philadelphia
Publisher Benjamins
Year 2020
URL https://www.benjamins.com/catalog/pbns.310
ISBN 9789027260925
Open Access N


Thielemann, Nadine (Details)
Institute for Slavic Languages IN (Details)
Department of Foreign Language Business Communication DP (Details)
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5917 Communication science (Details)
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6623 Sociolinguistics (Details)
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