Quotation Vith, Sebastian, Höllerer, Markus. 2020. “Turning the sharing economy into a fair economy”: Strategic issue work in the Vienna City Administration. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. 66, 187-213.




Over the last years, and under the umbrella of the “sharing economy,” various new social practices and novel business models have been established worldwide. Such practices and models are perceived both as opportunity and challenge for existing (urban) public governance regimes. It is in this sense that the sharing economy has become a contested issue and regularly provokes bold governance responses. However, local governing authorities first need to interpret, negotiate, and establish what exactly is “at issue” in order to (re-)act adequately. While such “politics of signification” are well-studied, for instance, in social movements and public media discourse, research on the concerted framing activities of public administrations as well as on the strategic work that sets the stage for public policy-making is relatively sparse – and entirely lacking for the context of the sharing economy. In this chapter, the authors look behind the scenes of the policy-making in the City of Vienna, Austria. The empirical findings unearth six distinct mechanisms –“delimiting,” “negotiating,” “detailing,” “linking,” “justifying,” and “situating” – that are strategically applied to shape the “Viennese way” of governing the sharing economy. This research develops an in-depth understanding of what the authors conceptually dub “strategic issue work”: the manifold efforts that lead to, and underlie, in this case, the policymaking of a local government when it tries to come to terms with the governance challenges of the sharing economy.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Journal article
Journal Research in the Sociology of Organizations
WU Journalrating 2009 A
WU-Journal-Rating new STRAT-B, WH-B
Language English
Title “Turning the sharing economy into a fair economy”: Strategic issue work in the Vienna City Administration
Volume 66,
Year 2020
Page from 187
Page to 213
Reviewed? Y
DOI https://doi.org/10.1108/S0733-558X20200000066009
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Sharing Economy
Vith, Sebastian (Former researcher)
Höllerer, Markus (Details)
Research Institute for Urban Management and Governance FI (Details)
Urban Management and Governance (Meyer) (Details)
Research areas (ÖSTAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
5307 Business and management economics (Details)
5324 Organizational research (Details)
5351 Public economy (Details)
5415 Economic sociology (Details)
5611 Urban and regional analysis (Details)
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