Quotation Human, Soheil, Gsenger, Rita, Neumann, Gustaf. 2020. End-user Empowerment: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. In Proceedings of the 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hrsg. Tung Bui, 4102-4111. Hawaii, United States: None.




In virtue of fast spreading emerging technologies, considering end-user empowerment (or human empowerment) while developing or adapting technologies gains importance. Even though many different approaches to end-user empowerment have been proposed, it is hardly clear what “end-user (human) empowerment” is and how it is possible to develop “end-user empowering systems”. This paper offers an interdisciplinary perspective on how it can be possible to arrive at a synthesized concept of end-user empowerment, in particular regarding the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The provided interdisciplinary perspective includes concepts from Computer Science, Information Systems, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Sociology, Science-Technology-Society, Design, System Science and Philosophy. Based on an interdisciplinary literature review, and from an enactivist, pluralist, and constructivist perspective, we argue that the individual end-users and their needs and values, as well as the environment (including socioeconomical contexts, other actors, etc.) and technologies they interact with, continuously co-create the conception of end-user empowerment. Moreover, we propose that perceiving technological development as co-creation, and considering technologies as value-bearers could provide the first steps in the development of conceptual frameworks required for the development of end-user empowering systems.


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  • End-user empowerment
  • Human-centricity
  • Information Systems
  • Privacy
  • Digital Economy

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Title End-user Empowerment: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Title of whole publication Proceedings of the 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
Editor Tung Bui
Page from 4102
Page to 4111
Location Hawaii, United States
Year 2020
ISBN 978-0-9981331-3-3
URL http://hdl.handle.net/10125/64244
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EXPloring opportunities and challenges for Emerging personal DaTa Ecosystems: Empowering humans in the age of the GDPR
Human, Soheil (Details)
Gsenger, Rita (Former researcher)
Neumann, Gustaf (Details)
Institute for Information Systems and New Media IN (Details)
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1122 Artificial intelligence (Details)
1138 Information systems (Details)
2953 Data security and data privacy (Details)
2962 Philosophy of technology (Details)
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5255 Data security and data privacy (Details)
5407 Ethics and social sciences (Details)
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