Quotation Rabong, Gregor. 2019. Rural versus urban - A comparison of the perception of credit coopertatives operating in different environments. ACE - CASC - ICA-CCR - Joint Conference, Montreal, Kanada, 27.05.




Because of the relations between cooperatives and local inhabitants that developed over decades, especially in Austrian rural areas the economic, cultural, emotional and social vicinity to credit cooperatives situated in the region might be very pronounced. In more densely populated and more urban regions, the connection between credit cooperatives and customers might not be as closely and intertwined, which might lead to different degrees of approval of credit cooperative measures, depending on the degree of urbanization of the operating area of the cooperative. Therefore, this paper aims to uncover differences in the perception of Austrian rural and urban credit cooperatives from their members’ and non-member customers’ perspective. To this end, two datasets were employed that were surveyed in one urban credit cooperative in 2016 and three rural credit cooperatives in 2019. In the statistical analysis of the data, a cross-table was used to contrast the knowledge on the personal membership status of members and non-member customers. Furthermore, customers of both credit cooperative types where asked to rate specific measures of “their” credit cooperative according to their approval, the results of which were checked for statistically significant deviations with a Student’s t-test. The according analyses uncovered that: • Knowledge on the membership status is lower in rural areas, also because non-member customers fail to diversify between a longstanding customer relationship and the true membership. • Differences in the approval of specific credit cooperative actions between rural and urban credit cooperatives exist, probably because of the role of credit cooperatives as local financiers of social measures and sponsors local clubs.


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Title Rural versus urban - A comparison of the perception of credit coopertatives operating in different environments
Event ACE - CASC - ICA-CCR - Joint Conference
Year 2019
Date 27.05.
Country Canada
Location Montreal
URL http://www.coopresearch.coop/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/POSTER-ENGLISH-ACE-ICA-CCR-CASC-CONFERENCE.pdf


Rabong, Gregor (Details)
Institute for Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship IN (Details)
Research Institute for Cooperation and Cooperatives FI (Details)
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