Quotation Jarmai, Katharina, Stacherl, Barbara. 2020. Yoti: Responsible innovation in cyber security. SAGE Business Cases.




This case illustrates how the concept of responsible innovation is practically applied in a cyber security company. The cyber security sector is a fast growing field that has emerged as a response to developments in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. Large and growing amounts of (confidential) data and technological advancements have necessitated tools and mechanisms that ensure safe and secure handling of data and prevent misuse of data. As a result, both the ICT and the cyber security sector are currently characterized by numerous and fast innovations. The concept of responsible innovation is targeted at innovating in a way that maximizes societal benefits and minimizes potential risks stemming from the innovation. The example of the company Yoti Ltd. demonstrates how the concept of responsible innovation is put to use in the cyber security sector, which is marked by a combination of fast innovation and ever-new emerging cyber-threats. As Yoti was founded with ethics and security considerations at the heart of the company, it is a real-world example of how elements of responsible innovation can be integrated into core business activities. It shows that the principles of responsible innovation can be transformed into a successful business model. In particular, Yoti puts an emphasis on data responsibility, transparency, consumer trust and stakeholder collaboration. This case challenges students to find ways in which cyber security companies can deal with the danger of criminal misuse and to find approaches that facilitate the implementation of responsible innovation in a cyber security context.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Case study
Language English
Title Yoti: Responsible innovation in cyber security
Source SAGE Business Cases
Year 2020
URL http://sk.sagepub.com/Cases


COMPASS - Evidence and opportunities for responsible innovation in SMEs
Jarmai, Katharina (Former researcher)
Stacherl, Barbara (Former researcher)
Institute for Managing Sustainability IN (Details)
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