Quotation Jarmai, Katharina, Stacherl, Barbara. 2020. Applied Nanoparticles SL: Responsible nanotechnology innovation. SAGE Business Cases.




This case describes how the concept of responsible innovation is practically applied in a nanotechnology company, called Applied Nanoparticles SL (AppNPs). The company is a small university spin-off company based in Spain that has, from its foundation, striven to act in accordance with the principles of responsible innovation. It makes an intriguing case by demonstrating how the decision to strive for highest levels of safety and sustainability can create competitive edge. Nanotechnologies provide a useful context to understand the use as well as the challenges for a company that wants to implement the responsible innovation concept, as the level of uncertainty in the field is particularly high, applications of nanotechnologies are varied and the legal framework is lagging behind technological developments. The case shows students why this company has chosen to make responsibility their unique selling point and how the company structure, employee involvement, transparency and compliance activities are aligned with the concept of responsible innovation. At the same time, it stimulates students to evaluate benefits and challenges arising from implementing the concept of responsible innovation in the nanotechnology context.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Case study
Language English
Title Applied Nanoparticles SL: Responsible nanotechnology innovation
Source SAGE Business Cases
Year 2020
URL http://sk.sagepub.com/Cases


COMPASS - Evidence and opportunities for responsible innovation in SMEs
Jarmai, Katharina (Former researcher)
Stacherl, Barbara (Former researcher)
Institute for Managing Sustainability IN (Details)
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