Quotation Hribernik, Marko, Schramm, Hans-Joachim, Kummer, Sebastian. 2018. Forstering Financial Dynamics Literacy in Supply Chain Management - A Simulation Based Concept. CSCMP European Research Seminar (ERS) 2018, Rotterdam, Niederlande, 17.05.-18.05.




Over the last years, the role of supply chain management gained in importance at a rapid pace and thus, driving the demand for well-educated young talents. However, recent studies identify a persistent mismatch between actual skills and competences required in a professional business environment and those reflected by curricula in higher education. This especially concerns the absence of appropriate ‘financial dynamics literary’, such as operational trade-offs, temporal interdependencies and cash-flow dynamics. To address this issue, experience driven learning simulations have been widely adopted in business education classrooms. However, supply chain management education has been given little attention so far. Our aim is therefore to foster this financial dynamics literacy by advancing existing experience driven teaching methods. We build on existing simulation techniques used in the domains of education theories, operations research and computer science in order to elaborate a conceptual framework for the development of modular and scalable learning simulations in the domain of supply chain management. Our goal is to accelerate simulation development and to simplify implementation of various problem sets and principles within an artificial turn based decision-making environment – driven by time-dependent cash flow and balance sheet mechanics. Furthermore, the proposed conceptual framework is used to develop a computer technology-assisted learning simulation prototype reconsidering simulation design, decision mechanics and various problem sets in order to promote students’ financial dynamics literacy.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title Forstering Financial Dynamics Literacy in Supply Chain Management - A Simulation Based Concept
Event CSCMP European Research Seminar (ERS) 2018
Year 2018
Date 17.05.-18.05.
Country Netherlands
Location Rotterdam
URL https://ers2018.sciencesconf.org/


Hribernik, Marko (Details)
Schramm, Hans-Joachim (Details)
Kummer, Sebastian (Details)
Department of Global Business and Trade DP (Details)
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5300 Economics (Details)
5332 Transport economics (Details)
5336 Commodity science (Details)
5337 World trade science (Details)
5344 Foreign trade (Details)
5354 Business logistics (Details)
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