Quotation Wiman, Adele, Temmes, Armi, Farsang, Andrea, Schönherr, Norma, Reisch, Lucia. 2017. The LBG Model - a GLOBAL VALUE tool showcase. Vienna, Austria:Vienna University of Economics and Business.




The LBG Model by Corporate Citizenship and the LBG Network is a measurement framework and a tool that aims to help companies measure, assess, benchmark and report the value and impacts of their community investments. The framework is focused exclusively on analysing investments that are not part of core business. Understanding a company’s impact on sustainable development, and finding ways to manage it best, is not an easy task. With so many tools available, choosing one to invest time in is even more difficult. GLOBAL VALUE tool showcases will make this task easier.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Research report, expert opinion
Language English
Title The LBG Model - a GLOBAL VALUE tool showcase
Location Vienna, Austria
Academic institution Vienna University of Economics and Business
Year 2017
URL http://www.global-value.eu/toolkit/2017/04/25/the-lbg-model/


GLOBAL VALUE - Assessing the Impacts of Multinational Corporations on GLOBAL Development and VALUE Creation
Tharani, Adele (Former researcher)
Temmes, Armi (Former researcher)
Farsang, Andrea (Former researcher)
Schönherr, Norma (Former researcher)
Reisch, Lucia (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)
Institute for Managing Sustainability IN (Details)
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