Quotation Aiginger, Karl, Handler, Heinz. 2017. Towards a European Partnership Policy (EPP) with the South and the East . Fostering Dynamics, Fighting Root Causes of Migration.




The aim of the project is to design a policy to promote political and economic stability in the European neighbourhood, to increase its economic dynamics, and to strengthen good governance. The European partnership policy aims to not only provide investment and finance, but also to stimulate endogenous firms and technologies through a cooperative approach discussed with governments, regional authorities and civil society in the neighbourhood countries. The new approach should build on the existing initiatives and the strengths of the neighbouring countries, on programmes at the European level as well as those of international organisations and NGOs. The new policy aims to counteract populist and nationalist movements as well as disruptive emigration. The "European Neighbourhood" refers to regions which are geographically close to the EU, but which do not belong to the EU and do not have any prospect of accession, i.e. Africa (including Sub-Sahara), the Middle East, the Black Sea area and the successor states of the Soviet Union (Eurasia). The current paper provides a number of elements of a successful partnership, some of which are well known, but which are developed further here. Together, they complement the existing European Neighbourhood Policy as well as Development Policy and lead to an active Partnership Policy which should be welcomed by either partner due to its potential to increase dynamics and well-being and to reduce the potential for conflict and disruptive migration. The EU-Africa summit in November 2017 and the planned renewal of the existing compact of the EU with Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean (Cotonou) under the Austrian Presidency in 2018 are the rationales behind the timing of this interim report2.


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Title Towards a European Partnership Policy (EPP) with the South and the East . Fostering Dynamics, Fighting Root Causes of Migration
Year 2017
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Aiginger, Karl (Details)
Handler, Heinz (Querdenkerplattform Wien, Austria)
Department of Economics DP (Details)
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