Quotation Maditati, Dhanavanth Reddy, Haque Munim, Ziaul, Schramm, Hans-Joachim. 2017. A Review of Green Supply Chain Management: From Bibliometric Analysis to Conceptual Framework. In NOFOMA 2017 - The 29th NOFOMA Conference “Taking on Grand Challenges”, Hrsg. D. Hellström, J. Kembro and H. Bodnar, 474-489. Lund: Lund University.




Recently, green supply chain management (GSCM) has received great attention in SCM domain. This paper reviews the research progress in GSCM over time, and proposes a holistic view by identifying associations of GSCM drivers, practice indicators and performance measures. Bibliometric citation meta-analysis was employed on a sample of 1,523 articles by 3,222 authors in 285 journals extracted from ISI Web of Science Database. Thereafter, the most influential contributions were nominated to construct a comprehensive conceptual framework.The findings reveal that Journal of Cleaner Production has the highest number of published articles while Journal of Operations Management leads in terms of yearly local citations per article in the GSCM field. Using HistCiteTM software, evolution of GSCM research since the early 2000s was mapped, and six research sub-streams were identified based on the 39 highly cited papers. Thereafter, a comprehensive framework on how the drivers, practice indicators and performance measures can be associated with each other is demonstrated.The paper highlights influential journals, institutions and articles which might help to identify potential research collaborations. Also, future research avenues through a holistic view on the on-going research progress in GSCM were identified. Primarily, a comprehensive framework - for GSCM’s drivers, practices and performance measures- is demanding to advance the debate and hence identify future avenues in the on-going research. Managers and policy makers should not just focus on single actions but perceive GSCM as a comprehensive package, in order to achieve better value, as myopic actions results may lead to negative associations between some GSCM practices and performance measures. The paper reasons towards establishing associations and elucidating future trends; advocating the importance of GSCM as a system and not as single practices.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Contribution to conference proceedings
Language English
Title A Review of Green Supply Chain Management: From Bibliometric Analysis to Conceptual Framework
Title of whole publication NOFOMA 2017 - The 29th NOFOMA Conference ¿Taking on Grand Challenges¿
Editor D. Hellström, J. Kembro and H. Bodnar
Page from 474
Page to 489
Location Lund
Publisher Lund University
Year 2017
ISBN 978-91-7753-337-5


Maditati, Dhanavanth Reddy (Former researcher)
Schramm, Hans-Joachim (Details)
Haque Munim, Ziaul (University of Agder, Norway)
Department of Global Business and Trade DP (Details)
Research areas (ÖSTAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
5300 Economics (Details)
5332 Transport economics (Details)
5336 Commodity science (Details)
5337 World trade science (Details)
5344 Foreign trade (Details)
5354 Business logistics (Details)
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