Quotation Kummer, Sebastian. 2017. Business Challenges in Logistics Management. Managementtraining for a logistics service provider , Vilnius, 23.03.




Programm 1. Modern Logistic in Western Europe – status of affairs, activity results of main players, main trends of 2016-2017 2. Perspective development of logistic products 3. New logistic products (future products in logistic) - what to expect taking into account new trends in period of 2015-2020? 4. IT-Solutions in logistic and prognosis of development of IT-integration between Customer and logistical operators 5. Main factors of successfully developing logistic companies. Rising tech-nologies of logistic sector companies 6. How are relationships between the customer and logistic operator are built – who and why works by contract, who choose spot-business? Main sales practices of western European players. Standards of sales


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Unpublished lecture
Language English
Title Business Challenges in Logistics Management
Event Managementtraining for a logistics service provider
Location Vilnius
Date March 23, 2017
URL http://www.grandpartners.lt/


Kummer, Sebastian (Details)
Institute for Transport and Logistics Management (Details)
Research areas (ÖSTAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
5332 Transport economics (Details)
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