Quotation Decreton, Benoit, Nell, Phillip C., Holm, Alison E. 2017. DeliverMeal Ivory Coast: Addressing Headquarters Demands. Ivey Publishing (Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation).




In 2015, DeliverMeal was a Norwegian online food delivery firm, mostly present in what could be considered emerging markets such as those in Africa. Founded in 2010, the company had experienced extremely rapid international expansion. DeliverMeal followed a global strategy, and standardized processes and turnkey solutions were provided from the headquarters to the subsidiaries. The local business development manager at DeliverMeals Ivory Coast subsidiary needed to make some decisions on how to react to three demands that had recently been passed down from corporate headquarters, all of which were at odds with the West African environment. How could the Ivory Coast manager meet her headquarters’ corporate expectations and still conduct successful business operations within the local cultural context?


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Case study
Language English
Title DeliverMeal Ivory Coast: Addressing Headquarters Demands
Source Ivey Publishing (Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation)
Year 2017
URL https://www.iveycases.com/ProductView.aspx?id=84850


Decreton, Benoit (Former researcher)
Nell, Phillip C. (Details)
Holm, Alison E. (OECD, France)
Department of Global Business and Trade DP (Details)
Competence Center for Emerging Markets and CEE WE (Details)
Institute for International Business IN (Details)
Institute for International Business (Nell) (Details)
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