Quotation Schramm, Hans-Joachim. 2015. Standard freight forwarding terms and logistics practises. Current Issues in Freight Forwarding: Law and Logistics - Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 03.09.-04.09.




Today, freight forwarding companies are not any longer only The Architect of Transport (FIATA, 1975, Schramm, 2012) but take over more and more responsibility in the wide field of logistics and supply chain management (e.g. Ramberg, 2004, Markides and Holweg, 2006). As not everything in the transport and logistics industry is regulated in detail by obligatory law, outlining usances in form of Standard Terms and Conditions (STCs) are a common way to fix the rules of the game between freight forwarders and their clients. This is especially true in the world of logistics services, where a dedicated body of mandatory law virtually does not exist (at least in European countries). Comparison of a sample of STCs from the transport and logistics industry in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavian countries (i.e. Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden), Switzerland and United Kingdom highlight the different degrees to what extent present STCs help to facilitate procedures, clarify rights and obligations when it comes on logistics service provision beyond the core freight forwarding business as outlined e.g. by FIATA (1975) or Schramm (2012). Although these logistics-related STCs cover a wide range of logistics-related services originally not covered by forwarding STCs, they fall short when it comes on less logistics-related but value-added services quite often coming along with logistics outsourcing like order-processing, customizing, pre-assembly, installation of merchandise on behalf the client. There it is of outmost importance for a freight forwarder or logistics service provider to draw a red line between logistics-related services just offered and those value-added services where dedicated contracts for services have to be closed.


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Title Standard freight forwarding terms and logistics practises
Event Current Issues in Freight Forwarding: Law and Logistics - Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law
Year 2015
Date 03.09.-04.09.
Country United Kingdom
Location Edinburgh
URL http://www.centreforcommerciallaw.ed.ac.uk/events/events/centre_for_commercial_law/current_issues_in_freight_forwarding_law_and_logistics


Schramm, Hans-Joachim (Details)
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