Quotation Gruber, Carmen. 2015. Virtue or Vice? Women and Work in Post-war Japan. VXIIth World Economic History Congress, Kyoto, Japan, 03.08-07.08. Invited Talk




The principal themes of the paper are an examination of the Japanese labor system, with a particular focus on the historical role of women as well as the importance of women in the post‐war system. Post‐war labor institutions in Japan such as so‐called lifetime employment and seniority wages arose out of historical conditions and within a particular historical framework. Although Japan had a period of extremely rapid growth and remains one of the world's largest economies, it has also more recently seen decades of stagnation and increasing criticism for the underutilization of its female labor force. This paper examines both the rationale and implications behind the Japanese labor system and the role of women within it. The methodology consists of a comprehensive literature review to determine both the state of the art as well as the historiography surrounding both the praise and criticism of the Japanese system.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title Virtue or Vice? Women and Work in Post-war Japan
Event VXIIth World Economic History Congress
Year 2015
Date 03.08-07.08
Country Japan
Location Kyoto
Invited Talk Y


Gruber, Carmen (Details)
Institute for Economic and Social History IN (Details)
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