Quotation Karlusch, Albrecht. 2015. Are user communities the better lecturers? Social Learning in Social Media Environments. Open User Innovation Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 13.07.-15.07.




Social media technologies are deeply embedded in students' lives. Students use social network sites (SNS) to establish and maintain social relationships and to express themselves. To nurture satisfying relationships, people seek social acceptance and similarities in norms and culture. Although the motivation to spend time on SNS is primarily enjoyment and not usefulness, research has shown that the use of SNS increases students' social capital, self-esteem, life satisfaction, satisfaction with their university and problem-solving abilities. In online communities, people show more willingness to participate and share their knowledge if they can enhance their own reputation, and when they are structurally embedded in the network. Effects like these are similar to those described in social learning theory in which individuals continuously learn while interacting with their environment. According to this theory, people use interaction and their ability to self-regulate to continuously create new knowledge and adapt their behavior based on environmental norms in order to gain others' social support. Today, technologies like SNS support such interactions without the need of a personal presence. In the future, educational institutions might be able to create fundamental new course designs. However, the pedagogical potential and impact have received scant attention in the research so far. Most prior studies have focused on either students' acceptance of SNS, the informal learning dimensions or the student-lecturer relationship. Only a few studies have evaluated the positive influence of online social learning processes on learning outcomes, although none of these studies considered either the dynamic aspects of the online social learning process over time, or analyzed the actual increase of knowledge. From a practical perspective, the existing studies didn't investigate the social learning processes in the context of real course-related situations.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title Are user communities the better lecturers? Social Learning in Social Media Environments
Event Open User Innovation Conference
Year 2015
Date 13.07.-15.07
Country Portugal
Location Lisbon
URL http://oui2015.clsbe.lisboa.ucp.pt/


Karlusch, Albrecht (Former researcher)
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation IN (Details)
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