Quotation Li, Yong-fei, Su, Qin, Tong, Jian. 2012. 基于客户质量需求的供应链协调研究(Research on Supply Chain Coordination Based on Customer Quality Demand). Softscience 152 (8): 136-140.




This paper studies a two-stage supply chain Stackelberg non-cooperative coordination game between supplier and manufacturer based on a single product customer demand when product quality, price and lead time compete to each other based on different types of customer demand. The results show that when supplier is the lead, the manufacturer divides the customer demand into two categories which are quality non-sensitive customer demand and quality sensitive customer demand based on the relationship between product quality, price and lead time. Then under the supply chain coordination, the manufacturer chooses the optimal level of product quality, sale price, lead time and profits. Based on the choice of the manufacturer, the supplier further selects economic quantities and wholesale price of raw material required by the single product through the BOM table and ultimately determines total wholesale price of raw materials, total cost and total profit.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Journal article
Journal Softscience
Language Chinese
Title 基于客户质量需求的供应链协调研究(Research on Supply Chain Coordination Based on Customer Quality Demand)
Volume 152
Number 8
Year 2012
Page from 136
Page to 140
Reviewed? Y
URL http://www.scsti.org.cn/oldweb/rkx.html


Tong, Jian (Former researcher)
Li, Yong-fei
Su, Qin
Institute for Transport and Logistics Management (Details)
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