Quotation Hoffmann, Edgar. 2013. The Image of French, Italian, Romanian and Spanish Cuisines in Russia. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science 3 (20), 15-24.




The article focuses on the image of a number of cuisines of Romance speaking European countries in Russia. The aim of the investigation is to identify the key factors in the collective norms and values, as well as in individual practices, which create a certain image to the investigated cuisines.This article describes the basic principles of critical analysis of discourse as a methodological basis of research. Depending on the material, research includes both quantitative and qualitative methods and their combinations. The corpus consists of material from various strata of public and private discourse – external corporate communications of companies manufacturing and selling foodstuff and the consumers, culinary literature, blogs, and electronic conferences on culinary websites, as well as consumer surveys and interviews with representatives of manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants and other catering establishments across Russia.The article presents two strata of material: a) survey of consumers about their attitudes to the countries under study and their cuisines, and b) culinary literature about these cuisines. The analysis is limited to examples of the French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian cuisines.Mutual verification of results by strata and cuisines and the subsequent critical interpretation and explanation shows a diverse image of the cuisines under study. French cuisine, being “Imperial” has the best image: It is in all respects a prototype of a real authentic foreign cuisine. Italian cuisine is famous for its “affordable” main dishes, which have long been part of Russian cuisine, but it is less familiar as a single national cuisine.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Journal article
Journal International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
Language English
Title The Image of French, Italian, Romanian and Spanish Cuisines in Russia
Volume 3
Number 20
Year 2013
Page from 15
Page to 24
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National Cuisines and International Business
Hoffmann, Edgar (Former researcher)
Institute for Slavic Languages IN (Details)
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5410 Cultural science (Details)
6604 Applied linguistics (Details)
6616 Slavonic studies (Details)
6721 Cultural science (Details)
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