Quotation Tödtling, Franz. 2012. Types of innovation, competencies of firms and external knowledge sourcing - Findings from selected sectors and regions of Europe. Microeconomics of Competitiveness - 10th Anniversary Faculty Workshop, Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 10.12.-11.12.. Invited Talk




Many innovation studies have focused on a narrow concept of technological innovation such as the generation of patents, or the introduction of new products. The performance of firms, however, often depends on innovation defined from a broader perspective. This includes process, organizational and market innovations as was pointed out already by Schumpeter and more recently by other scholars and the OECD. Still underexplored, however, are the questions on what kinds of knowledge sources such different types of innovations rely and which spatial levels (regional, national, international) are most relevant for acquiring knowledge. Also sector- and regional contexts are argued to matter for knowledge sourcing and innovation. Drawing on the concepts of knowledge bases and innovation systems we investigate these relationships by analyzing evidence from seven European countries regarding patterns of knowledge sourcing and their relation to innovation. Based on a multivariate model we are able to show that product, process, strategic and organizational innovations rely on partly similar, partly different types and sources of knowledge reaching from regional to global levels. We also found evidence that sector contexts and the institutional characteristics of regions and countries matter.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title Types of innovation, competencies of firms and external knowledge sourcing - Findings from selected sectors and regions of Europe
Event Microeconomics of Competitiveness - 10th Anniversary Faculty Workshop
Year 2012
Date 10.12.-11.12.
Country United States/USA
Location Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts
Invited Talk Y


Constructing Regional Advantage: Towards State-of -the-Art Regional Innovation System Policies in Europe
Tödtling, Franz (Details)
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