Quotation Gareis, Roland. 2010. Changes of organizations by projects. International Journal of Project Management 28 (4): 314-327.




Permanent organizations, such as companies, divisions, profit and cost centres, as well as temporary organizations, i.e. projects and programmes, change. Different change types, namely organizational learning, further developing, transforming and radical re-positioning can be described by specific chains of processes. For performing change processes of permanent organizations projects and programmes can be applied. In the literature the differences between changes, processes, programmes and projects are not clearly defined and therefore also change management is not related appropriately to process, project and programme management. There exists a misperception regarding the relationship between changes and programmes (and projects). Changes are perceived to be managed within programmes (and projects) instead of perceiving programmes (and projects) as organizations to manage the changes. For the definition of change types, of change objects and for the description of changes an action research approach was applied. The author developed together with representatives of different client organizations models for change management and applied those as practical solutions for these organizations.


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Type of publication Journal article
Journal International Journal of Project Management
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Language English
Title Changes of organizations by projects
Volume 28
Number 4
Year 2010
Page from 314
Page to 327
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Gareis, Roland (Former researcher)
Project Management Group AB (Details)
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