Quotation Tondl, Gabriele, Huber, Peter. 2012. Migration and Regional Convergence in the European Union. WIFO Working Papers 419/2012.




We offer an empirical, econometric analysis of the impact of migration on the EU 27's NUTS-2 regions in the period 2000-2007. While our results indicate that migration had no statistical impact on regional unemployment in the EU it had a significant impact on both per-capita GDP and productivity. The coefficients suggest that a 1 percent increase in immigration to immigration regions increased per-capita GDP by about 0.02 percent and productivity by about 0.03 percent. For emigration regions a 1 percent increase in the emigration rate leads to a reduction of 0.03 percent in per-capita GDP and 0.02 percent in productivity. Since immigration regions are also often regions with above-average GDP and productivity while emigration regions in Europe practically all have below-average GDP, migration seems to induce divergence rather than convergence.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Working/discussion paper, preprint
Language English
Title Migration and Regional Convergence in the European Union
Title of whole publication WIFO Working Papers 419/2012
Year 2012
URL http://www.wifo.ac.at/wwa/downloadController/displayDbDoc.htm?item=WP_2012_419$.PDF


Tondl, Gabriele (Details)
Huber, Peter
Institute for International Economics IN (Details)
Research Institute for European Affairs FI (Details)
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