Quotation Padovani, Miret, Gibson Brandon, Rajna. 2011. The determinants of banks' lobbying activities. German Finance Association 2011 meetings, Regensburg, Deutschland, 29.09-30.09.




In this paper, we examine the relationship between banks' lobbying activities, their size, financial strength, and sources of income. First, we find that banks are more likely to lobby when they are larger, have more vulnerable balance sheets, are less creditworthy, and have more diversified business profiles. We also find that banks engaged in non-traditional businesses, e.g. securitization and trading, or in highly regulated businesses, e.g. insurance, hire more lobbyists and spend larger amounts on lobbying. Finally, we observe that the announcement of the Dodd-Frank bill led to increased lobbying by banks with higher trading revenues.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title The determinants of banks' lobbying activities
Event German Finance Association 2011 meetings
Year 2011
Date 29.09-30.09
Country Germany
Location Regensburg
URL http://www.dgf2011.de/


Padovani, Miret (Former researcher)
Gibson Brandon, Rajna (Université de Genève, Switzerland)
Institute for Finance, Banking and Insurance IN (Details)
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