Quotation Eberherr, Helga. 2010. Researching differentiation processes and power relations in organisations. 2nd Equal is not Enough Conference, Antwerp, Belgien, 01.12.-03.12.




Increasingly organisation research has come to the importance of informal barriers and constraints, in particular, the power of informal structures within organisations. It is argued that formal exclusion principles have been replaced by informal and implicit distinction practises. Therefore, exclusion and inclusion mechanisms take place more inconspicuously as they are enacted in daily routines and practises. Consequently, scholars of organisational research emphasise the need for a more dynamic and context-dependent understanding of multiple differentiation processes. We assume that differentiation processes in terms of categorical attributes or ascription are often used for the construction of inclusionary and exclusionary boundaries as they tend to create hierarchies of differential access to different kind of resources. Our aim for this paper is to focus on the question how and under which organisational circumstances differentiation processes could lead to inequalities which also includes thinking about power relations. Referring to a current research project on 'Power of Distinction: Doing difference in organisations' we discuss theoretical and methodological approaches how to investigate differentiation processes by integrating concepts of intersectionality and structuration theory.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title Researching differentiation processes and power relations in organisations
Event 2nd Equal is not Enough Conference
Year 2010
Date 01.12.-03.12
Country Belgium
Location Antwerp


Power of Distinction: Doing difference in organisation
Eberherr, Helga (Details)
Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations IN (Details)
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5324 Organizational research (Details)
5433 Gender studies (Details)
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