Quotation Dietl, Reinhard, Wild, Fridolin, Hoisl, Bernhard, Koblischke, Robert, Richter, Berit, Monachesi, Paola, Simov, Kiril, Rebedea, Traian, Mandin, Sonia, Zampa, Virginie. 2009. D2.2 Existing Services - Integrated. Heerlen: Open University of the Netherlands.




This deliverable gives a snapshot on the iteratively developing prototypes. It focuses on the integration of the showcases i.e. on turning the existing technology into web-based, service-oriented applications, and structuring their software architecture along the concept elaborated in the previous infrastructure deliverable D2.1. This involves mainly the re-use of existing technology (hence the name 'showcases'), although several of these task showcases already involve new developments. The presentation of the integration of existing services is wrapped up by an overview on the interoperability characteristics. Additionally, the integration strategy pursued is elaborated, providing more details about the software development process and the integration workflow.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Research report, expert opinion
Language English
Title D2.2 Existing Services - Integrated
Location Heerlen
Academic institution Open University of the Netherlands
Year 2009
URL http://dspace.ou.nl/handle/1820/2041


Language Technologies for Lifelong Learning
Dietl, Reinhard (Former researcher)
Wild, Fridolin (Former researcher)
Hoisl, Bernhard (Former researcher)
Koblischke, Robert (Former researcher)
Mandin, Sonia
Monachesi, Paola
Rebedea, Traian
Richter, Berit
Simov, Kiril
Zampa, Virginie
Institute for Information Systems and New Media IN (Details)
Research areas (Ă–STAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
5838 E-learning, telelearning (Details)
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