Quotation Reutterer, Thomas, Boztug, Yasemin, Breugelmans, Els. 2008. Which Categories Should Direct Marketers Feature for Which Customers When Using Targeted Promotions?. In Proceedings of the 37th EMAC Conference (on CD-ROM), Hrsg. -, ---. Brighton, England:




We present a decision-support tool that assists direct marketers in selecting subsets of promising categories from the large assortment they typically offer for inclusion in targeted promotions. The proposed analytical approach combines conventional wisdom of market basket analysis in a novel two-stage procedure. For deriving segment-specific promotions at the product category level, this procedure takes both interdependencies in purchase behaviour across categories and customer heterogeneity with respect to cross-category effects in response to marketing actions into account. The resulting recommendations are empirically evaluated vis-à-vis alternative approaches in a controlled field experiment conducted in cooperation with a major online grocery retailer.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Contribution to conference proceedings
Language English
Title Which Categories Should Direct Marketers Feature for Which Customers When Using Targeted Promotions?
Title of whole publication Proceedings of the 37th EMAC Conference (on CD-ROM)
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Location Brighton, England
Year 2008


Reutterer, Thomas (Details)
Boztug, Yasemin (University of Aarhus, MAPP Department of Marketing and Statistics, Denmark)
Breugelmans, Els (University of Maastricht, Department of Marketing, Netherlands)
Institute for Marketing and Customer Analytics IN (Details)
Institute for Retailing & Data Science IN (Details)
Research Institute for Computational Methods FI (Details)
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