Quotation Taudes, Alfred, Gimpl-Heersink, Lisa, Wöckl, Jürgen. 2006. Integrated Inventory / Reference Price Models. Informs International, Hong Kong, China, June, 25-28.


title = {Integrated Inventory / Reference Price Models},
author = {Alfred Taudes and Lisa Gimpl-Heersink and Jürgen Wöckl},
year = {2006},
address = {Hong Kong},
url = {http://www2.informs.org/Conf/Hongkong06/index.htm},
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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Title Integrated Inventory / Reference Price Models
Event Informs International
Year 2006
Date June, 25-28
Country China
Location Hong Kong
URL http://www2.informs.org/Conf/Hongkong06/index.htm


Integrated Demand and Supply Chain Management
Taudes, Alfred (Details)
Gimpl-Heersink, Lisa (Former researcher)
Wöckl, Jürgen (Details)
Produktionsmanagement (Taudes) (Details)
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