Quotation Thielemann, Nadine, Berrocal, Martina. 2022. From Green Deal to grim deal - energy discourse between corporate spin and nationalism. ESTIDIA, Alicante, Spanien, 15.-17.6.2022.




The EU Green Deal poses severe challenges for the energy sector in CEE, which still strongly relies on coal. Moreover, some CEE governments, mostly right-wing and populist ones, raise anti-EU sentiments claiming that the EU environmental regulations are a threat to their countries’ energy safety and independence and thus to their sovereignty. As a consequence, the discourse of energy and energy transition in these countries is located at the intersection of economics and politics and addresses environmental issues rather as a by-product. This paper examines the layering of such discourses in the case of the Turów-lignite mine, located in the Czech-Polish-German borderlands and operated by the Polish energy company PGE.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation WU
Type of publication Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium
Language English
Title From Green Deal to grim deal - energy discourse between corporate spin and nationalism
Year 2022
Date 15.-17.6.2022
Country Spain
Location Alicante
URL https://web.ua.es/de/estidia22/documents/6th-estidia-conference-programme.pdf


Thielemann, Nadine (Details)
Berrocal, Martina (Details)
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