Quotation Aryan, Peb Ruswono, Ekaputra, Fajar J., Sabou, Reka Marta, Hauer, Daniel, Mosshammer, Ralf, Einfalt, Alfred, Miksa, Tomasz, Rauber, Andreas. 2021. Explainable cyber-physical energy systems based on knowledge graph. In MSCPES '21: Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems, Hrsg. Peter Palensky, Anurag Srivastava, 1-6. Virtual Event: Association for Computing Machinery.




Explainability can help cyber-physical systems alleviating risk in automating decisions that are affecting our life. Building an explain- able cyber-physical system requires deriving explanations from system events and causality between the system elements. Cyber- physical energy systems such as smart grids involve cyber and physical aspects of energy systems and other elements, namely social and economic. Moreover, a smart-grid scale can range from a small village to a large region across countries. Therefore, inte- grating these varieties of data and knowledge is a fundamental challenge to build an explainable cyber-physical energy system. This paper aims to use knowledge graph based framework to solve this challenge. The framework consists of an ontology to model and link data from various sources and graph-based algorithm to derive explanations from the events. A simulated demand response scenario covering the above aspects further demonstrates the ap- plicability of this framework.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation External
Type of publication Contribution to conference proceedings
Language English
Title Explainable cyber-physical energy systems based on knowledge graph
Title of whole publication MSCPES '21: Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems
Editor Peter Palensky, Anurag Srivastava
Page from 1
Page to 6
Location Virtual Event
Publisher Association for Computing Machinery
Year 2021
URL https://doi.org/10.1145/3470481.3472704
Open Access N


Sabou, Reka Marta (Details)
Aryan, Peb Ruswono (TU Wien, Austria)
Einfalt, Alfred (Siemens Austria AG, Austria)
Ekaputra, Fajar J. (TU Wien, Austria)
Hauer, Daniel (Siemens Austria AG, Austria)
Miksa, Tomasz (TU Wien, Austria)
Mosshammer, Ralf (Siemens Austria AG, Austria)
Rauber, Andreas (TU Wien, Austria)
Institute for Data, Process and Knowledge Management (AE Sabou) (Details)
Research areas (Ă–STAT Classification 'Statistik Austria')
1109 Information and data processing (Details)
1122 Artificial intelligence (Details)
1127 Information science (Details)
1138 Information systems (Details)
1140 Software engineering (Details)
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