Quotation Kornberger, Martin, Gudergan, Siegfried, Hrsg. 2006. Only Connect: Neat Words, Networks and Identities. Malmö: Copenhagen Business School Press.




In a networked economy and society, the connections between individual actors, organizations, and entire industries gain more importance than the entities themselves. As the contributions in this volume suggest, networks develop somewhat fragile identities that emerge through shared practices and language games. From this perspective, networks are an outcome of acts of language use, and their organizational practices unfold in and simultaneously constitute these networks. Providing rich empirical examples ranging from the Louvre to public sector organizations, from Jazz music to German franchising businesses, and, en route, taking in the networks of tacit knowledge in Japanese and Chinese organizations, the book's individual narratives are linked by one common thread: how acts of 'languaging' and heterogeneous practices contribute to the rise, and sometimes fall, of networks and how these networks perform complex tasks shaping organizations and, by extension, us.


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Status of publication Published
Affiliation External
Type of publication Edited book (editorship)
Language English
Type of published work Book
Title Only Connect: Neat Words, Networks and Identities
Location Malmö
Publisher Copenhagen Business School Press
Year 2006
ISBN 9788763001892
Open Access N


Kornberger, Martin (Details)
Gudergan, Siegfried (Newcastle University, Australia)
Institute for Ethics in Management IN (Details)
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