Research to the 'Psychoanalytical education' as an additional unit to the general teachers education at the University of Vienna

Type Book Project

Funding Bodies
  • Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Duration Jan. 1, 1998 - Nov. 30, 1998

  • General Pedagogy AE (Former organization)


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Abstract (German)

In einer Querschnittstudie wurden Einstellungsunterschiede von Lehramtsstudierenden nach Absolvieren einer psychoanalytischen Ausbildung untersucht. Signifikante Einstellungsunterschiede in liberale Richtung waren gegenüber dem bevorzugten Unterrichtsstil, gegenüber Reformen des Bildungswesens im allgemeinen und zur Entstehung und Entwicklung der kindlichen Intelligenz festzustellen.

Abstract (English)

The study reports changes of attitudes of becoming teachers as a result of the attendance of psychoanalytic courses as an additional unit to the teachers education. The results of the survey showed significant attitude changes towards the prefered teaching style and towards reforms within the educational system in general. The students also became more receptive to reforms and believed in the determining force of the social environment more than before.


  • Institute of Interdisciplinary Research and Further Education - Austria



  • 5808 University didactics (Details)


  • student attitude
  • curriculum
  • teacher education
  • psychoanalytic education