Contextualizing influence behaviour

Type Research Project

Duration Jan. 1, 1997 - Dec. 31, 2003

  • Soziologie und Empirische Sozialforschung (Mikl-Horke) AE (Former organization)
  • General Sociology and Economic Sociology AE (Former organization)
  • Soziologie und Empirische Sozialforschung (Titscher) AE (Former organization)
  • Department of Public Management AE (Former organization)
  • Institute for Public Management and Governance IN (Details)
  • Institute for Organization Studies IN (Details)


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  • Hammerschmid, Gerhard (Former researcher)
  • Lueger, Manfred (Details)
  • Meyer, Renate (Details)
  • Sandner, Karl (Details) Project Head

Abstract (German)

Qualitative Interviews, objektive Hermeneutik

Abstract (English)

The object of this project is to embed influence behaviour (in all hierarchical directions) in its organizational context. Based on qualitative interviews we reconstruct the actors' own logic of action and the structured fields that enable and constrain them. We especially analyse situations that are regarded as 'normal' and the actors' attempts to handle deviations from normality.


Journal article

2005 Lueger, Manfred, Sandner, Karl, Meyer, Renate, Hammerschmid, Gerhard. 2005. Contextualizing influence activities. An objective hermeneutical approach. Organization Studies 26 (8): 1145-1168. (Details)
2002 Sandner, Karl, Meyer, Renate. 2002. Strategic actors and constructed identities: Power and politics in organization theory. Soka Review of Business Administration 26 (2): 47-60. (Details)
1997 Lueger, Manfred, Meyer, Renate, Sandner, Karl, Hammerschmid, Gerhard. 1997. Zur Kontextabhängigkeit individuellen Durchsetzungshandelns in Organisationen. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie (ÖZS) 22 (2): 51-78. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

1999 Lueger, Manfred, Meyer, Renate, Sandner, Karl, Hammerschmid, Gerhard. 1999. Zur interpretativ-vergleichenden Analyse organisationalen Durchsetzungshandelns. (Details)


  • 5324 Organizational research (Details)


  • Durchsetzungshandeln
  • influence
  • objective hermeneutics
  • power
  • organizational behavior