Peer review of a project about the cost-benefit balance on the management of residual waste from households in Austria

Type Research Project

Funding Bodies
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Duration Oct. 1, 1998 - May 15, 1999

  • Technology and Commodity Science AE (Former organization)


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  • Bach, Heinz (Former researcher)
  • Kauer, Maximilian (Former researcher)
  • Vogel, Gerhard (Details) Project Head


  • GUA - Corporation for Comprehensive Analyses - Austria
  • Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf - Austria


Research report, expert opinion

1999 VOGEL, G., BACH, H., KAUER, M., PEEV, M.. 1999. Peer Review zum Projekt der GUA: Gesamtwirtschaftliche Kosten und Nutzen der Bewirtschaftung von Abfällen aus Haushalten und haushaltsähnlichen Einrichtungen in Österreich. BMUJF, Wien (Details)


  • 1105 Computer software (Details)
  • 1109 Information and data processing (Details)
  • 2901 Waste technology (Details)
  • 2918 Environmental technology (Details)
  • 2925 Pollutant emission (Details)
  • 5353 Environmental economics (Details)
  • 5914 Environmental research (Details)
  • 5939 Environmental protection (Details)


  • waste management
  • cost-benefit analysis