Tracking (re)-interpretations of corporate Diversity & Inclusion discourses: A comparative study on the meaning(s) of D&I in the Brazilian, Italian and US American banking sector

Type Dissertation Project

Duration Oct. 1, 2020 - Oct. 1, 2024

  • Institute for Romance Languages IN (Details)


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  • Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette (Details)

Abstract (English)

Purpose - This study wants to contribute to a better understanding of corporate D&I discourses. It aims to track the semantic development of D&I discourses in multimodal genres of corporate communication published in different countries and at different times.

Design/methodology/approach – The study employs an inter-lingual, comparative discourse-linguistic approach, supported by corpus and systemic functional linguistics, to analyze and compare multimodal D&I discourses in diversity-related, external corporate communications published by listed banks in Brazil, Italy, and the US.

Expected findings - Results will give insights into the semantic development of D&I discourses in corporate communication genres over time and across countries. Moreover, they may provide further indications of the extent of country-specific differences in the understanding of corporate D&I.

Originality/value – Results may assist corporate communication professionals to guarantee strategic, responsible, socially committed, and impact-oriented communication of D&I across corporations. Moreover, this research will extend the analytical perspective regarding “accents of diversity” to Romance languages and under-researched countries.

Keywords: diversity and inclusion, corporate multimodal communication, comparative discourse analysis, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian