MOCAM - Monitoring of CO2 emissions and the material footprint of the City of Vienna

Type Research Project

Funding Bodies
  • City of Vienna

Duration May 4, 2021 - May 6, 2022

  • Institute for Ecological Economics IN (Details)


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Abstract (German)

Das Projekt MOCAM wird eine Analyse des gesellschaftlichen Metabolismus Wiens erstellen, dargestellt als Materialinputs, Materialoutputs (Abfälle, Emissionen in Luft und Wasser, sowie dissipative Ausbringungen und Verluste), Bestandsveränderungen und THG-Emissionen sowie abgeleitete Indikatoren. Zur Berechnung der physischen Indikatoren wird das Projekt die Methode der Materialflussrechnung verwenden.

Abstract (English)

The MOCAM project will create an analysis of the societal metabolism of Vienna, presented as material inputs, material outputs (waste, emissions to air and water, as well as dissipative discharges and losses), inventory changes and GHG emissions as well as derived indicators. The project will use the material flow accounting method to calculate the physical indicators.


  • Institute of Social Ecology, BOKU - Austria
  • TU Vienna, Research Group Waste and Resource Managment - Austria



  • 4924 Sustainable development, sustainable economics (Details)
  • 1907 Environmental research (Details)
  • 2928 Environmental economics (Details)
  • 2959 Sustainable development, sustainable economics (Details)