Type Research Project

Funding Bodies
  • OECD

Duration April 1, 2021 - Feb. 28, 2022

  • Institute for Ecological Economics IN (Details)


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  • Giljum, Stefan (Details) Project Head
  • Lutter, Franz Stephan (Details)

Abstract (English)

This project builds on earlier studies and empirical assessments carried out by WU for the OECD between 2014 and 2019 that aimed at proposing a harmonised methodology to produce international data and indicators on demand-based material flows as part of the OECD’s work on environmental and green growth indicators and on monitoring progress towards the SDGs. The project contains three tasks: (i) the preparation of an expert workshop to construct global models for assessing material footprints; (ii) elaboration of a guidance document to help countries and international organisations calculate demand-based measures of material flows applying an input-output-based methodology; and (iii) delivering an updated roadmap for establishing a coordinated global framework for measuring material flows and further advancing the measurement agenda in the next 5 to 10 years.




  • 2928 Environmental economics (Details)
  • 2959 Sustainable development, sustainable economics (Details)
  • 1907 Environmental research (Details)
  • 4924 Sustainable development, sustainable economics (Details)