Summer School: The Demography of Health and Education

Type Congress Organisation

Funding Bodies
  • Vienna Science and Technology Fund

Duration March 1, 2016 - Oct. 31, 2016


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  • Lutz, Wolfgang (Former researcher) Project Head

Abstract (English)

In the context of rapid population ageing in Europe and East Asia, increasing attention is given to significant challenges arising in terms of health differentials by age, sex, and level of education impacting future health care and funding requirements. This very timely topic lies right at the intersection of research in demography, public health, health economics and human capital analysis.

The purpose of the summer school is to acquaint 20 international students at the pre-doc level with the newest research on health and disability in the context of population ageing and familiarize them with the multi-dimensional methods for modelling population and human capital dynamics in a global perspective.

The REVES Meeting 2016 ( aims at developing a comprehensive picture of the factors decisive for human health and longevity. Papers will identify the key drivers of longer and healthier lives by explaining variations in various dimensions of health and in mortality. This includes the analysis of hitherto unexplained phenomena and paradoxes of health and longevity.


  • Vienna Instiute of Demography - Austria
  • International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis - International Organisation