Growth and Sustainability - In Contradiction or a Chance?

Type Research Project

Duration March 1, 2012 - Feb. 28, 2013

  • Institute for International Marketing Management IN (Details)
  • Competence Center for Empirical Research Methods WE (Details)


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  • Penz, Elfriede (Details) Project Head


Journal article

2019 Penz, Elfriede, Hartl, Barbara, Hofmann, Eva. 2019. Explaining consumer choice of low carbon footprint goods using the behavioral spillover effect in German-speaking countries. Journal of Cleaner Production. 214 429-439. open access (Details)
2018 Penz, Elfriede, Polsa, Pia. 2018. How do companies reduce their carbon footprint and how do they communicate these measures to stakeholders? Journal of Cleaner Production. 195 1125-1138. (Details)
  Sabitzer, Thomas, Hartl, Barbara, Marth, Sarah, Hofmann, Eva, Penz, Elfriede. 2018. Preventing Conflicts in Sharing Communities as a Means of Promoting Sustainability. Sustainability. 10 (8), 1-24. open access (Details)
  Hartl, Barbara, Sabitzer, Thomas, Hofmann, Eva, Penz, Elfriede. 2018. “Sustainability is a nice bonus” the role of sustainability in carsharing from a consumer perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production. 202 88-100. open access (Details)
2017 Penz, Elfriede, Hofmann, Eva, Hartl, Barbara. 2017. Fostering Sustainable Travel Behavior: Role of Sustainability Labels and Goal-Directed Behavior Regarding Touristic Services. Sustainability. 9 (6), 1056 open access (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2015 Hartl, Barbara, Hofmann, Eva, Kirchler, Erich, Penz, Elfriede. 2015. Regulations within a collaborative consumption community? Attitudes towards the introduction of a governance system. Joint IAREP/SABE Conference, Sibiu, Rumänien, 03.09.-06.09. (Details)