Applications of web-based mass information systems in electronic commerce

Type Research Project

Duration Sept. 1, 1998 - Feb. 29, 2000

  • Information Technology in Business AE (Former organization)
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik und Neue Medien (Neumann) AE (Former organization)
  • Institute for Information Management and Control IN (Details)


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  • Bichler, Martin (Former researcher)
  • Brandtweiner, Roman (Details)
  • Flatscher, Rony G. (Details) Project Head
  • Kaukal, Marion (Former researcher)
  • Scharl, Arno (Former researcher)

Abstract (English)

In our research framework we focus on the use of new information technologies for business-to-consumer interactions of retail companies. We describe the impact of new technologies on various aspects of trading and investigate two major trends for the marketing of retail companies, namely electronic intermediation and personalization of Web-based Mass Information Systems.




  • enterprise
  • internet
  • electronic commerce
  • retail trade
  • consumer