RAVEN - Relation Analysis and Visualization for Enterprise Networks

Type Research Project

Funding Bodies
  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Duration Jan. 1, 2008 - June 30, 2010

  • Institute for Data, Process and Knowledge Management (AE Polleres) AE (Details)
  • Research Institute for Computational Methods FI (Details)


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  • Panny, Wolfgang (Details) Project Head
  • Syed, Kamran Ali Ahmad (Former researcher)
  • Weichselbraun, Albert (Former researcher) Project Head
  • Wohlgenannt, Gerhard (Former researcher)


  • MODUL University Vienna - Austria
  • Technical University Graz, Institute for Knowledge Management - Austria http://www.iwm.tugraz.at/


Journal article

2010 Weichselbraun, Albert, Gindl, Stefan, Scharl, Arno. 2010. A Context-Dependent Supervised Learning Approach to Sentiment Detection in Large Textual Databases. Journal of Information and Data Management 1 (3): 329-342. (Details)
  Weichselbraun, Albert, Wohlgenannt, Gerhard, Scharl, Arno. 2010. Refining Non-Taxonomic Relation Labels with External Structured Data to Support Ontology Learning. Data and Knowledge Engineering 69 (8): 763-778. (Details)
2009 Hubmann-Haidvogel, Alexander, Scharl, Arno, Weichselbraun, Albert. 2009. Multiple Coordinated Views for Searching and Navigating Web Content Repositories. Information Sciences 179 (12): 1813-1821. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2010 Weichselbraun, Albert, Wohlgenannt, Gerhard, Scharl, Arno. Forthcoming. Evidence Sources, Methods and Use Cases for Learning Lightweight Domain Ontologies. In: Ontology Learning and Knowledge Discovery Using the Web: Challenges and Recent Advances, Hrsg. Wilson Wong, Wei Liu and Mohammed Bennamoun, IGI Global. (Details)
2009 Gindl, Stefan, Liegl, Johannes, Scharl, Arno, Weichselbraun, Albert. 2009. An Evaluation Framework and Adaptive Architecture for Automated Sentiment Detection. In: Networked Knowledge - Networked Media: Integrating Knowledge Management, New Media Technologies and Semantic Systems, Hrsg. Pellegrini, T., Auer, S. , Tochtermann, K., Schaffert, S., 217-234. Heidelberg: Springer. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2010 Stefan, Gindl, Scharl, Arno, Weichselbraun, Albert. 2010. Generic High-Throughput Methods for Multilingual Sentiment Detection. In Generic High-Throughput Methods for Multilingual Sentiment Detection, Hrsg. F. K. Hussain and E. Chang, 239-244. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: IEEE Computer Society Press. (Details)
2008 Scharl, Arno, Weichselbraun, Albert, Wohlgenannt, Gerhard. 2008. A Web-based User Interaction Framework for Collaboratively Building and Validating Ontologies. In 8th Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computer Systems, Hrsg. Brazilian Computing Society, 244-247. Porto Alegre, Brazil: (Details)
  Scharl, Arno, Weichselbraun, Albert, Gindl, Stefan. 2008. Building Tagged Linguistic Unit Databases for Sentiment Detection. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management (I-Know '08), Hrsg. Tochtermann, K.; Maurer, H, Graz: (Details)
  Weichselbraun, Albert, Scharl, Arno, Liu, Wei. 2008. Capturing and Classifying Ontology Evolution in News Media Archives. In Nineteenth International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Application (DEXA 2008); Seventh International Workshop on Web Semantics (WebS'08), Hrsg. Tjoa, A. M. and Wagner, R. R., 197-201. Turin, Italy: IEEE Computer Society Press. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2009 Wohlgenannt, Gerhard. 2009. Integrating Structural Data into Methods for Labeling Relations in Domain Ontologies. 8th International Workshop on Web Semantics, 20th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Application (DEXA 2009), Linz, Österreich, 01.09-01.09. (Details)