Energy Regulation and Consumers Interest

Type Research Project

Duration Jan. 1, 2006 - May 1, 2007

  • Technology and Sustainable Product Management IN (Former organization)


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  • Alber, Sebastian (Former researcher)


Case note

2013 Alber, Sebastian. 2013. Material Flow Analysis of mobile phone material recovery processes. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. (3): (Details)
2012 Alber, Sebastian. 2012. A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE SUSTAINABILITY OF MOBILE PHONE USE by A PAIANO , G. LAGIOIA1, A. CATALDO. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 4: (Details)
  Alber, Sebastian. 2012. Life cycle instruements for sustainable development stability, JLCA-D-12-00049. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2010 Alber, Sebastian. 2010. Strategies for sustainable energy systems. Workshop for chinese delegation, Wien, Österreich, January 2010. (Details)
2009 Alber, Sebastian. 2009. Renewable Energies in Europe and China. Eurasia Workshop, Wien, Österreich, 14.07. (Details)
  Alber, Sebastian. 2009. Practical examples for sustainability in the energy sector in Austria and Europe. MDI conference, Vienna, Österreich, 16.3.-18.3.2009. (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2011 Alber, Sebastian. 2011. Grundlagen einer energetischen Hausmodellierung. Wien: ITNP. (Details)

Lecture notes/article in lecture notes

2011 Alber, Sebastian. 2011. Bewertungssystem für erneuerbare Energiesysteme. ITNP. 2011 Wien: Eigenverlag. (Details)