Electronic brokerage

Type Research Project

Duration Sept. 1, 1998 - Feb. 29, 2000

  • Information Technology in Business AE (Former organization)
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik und Neue Medien (Neumann) AE (Former organization)


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  • Bichler, Martin (Former researcher)
  • Brandtweiner, Roman (Details)
  • Flatscher, Rony G. (Details) Project Head
  • Kaukal, Marion (Former researcher)
  • Scharl, Arno (Former researcher)

Abstract (English)

The research project 'Electronic Brokerage' focuses on changes in the distribution of goods and services in retail trade through new electronic intermediaries. By means of cyber-auctions and other emerging negotiation support tools electronic intermediaries influence the way prices and terms of a deal are determined. This part of the project analyzes the services of electronic brokers and their impact on the distribution of goods and services.



  • 5348 Business education (Details)


  • commodity
  • internet
  • service
  • electronic commerce
  • retail trade
  • sales