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Human—Sustainable:Digital (2021-2023) (Details)
Human—Digital:Sustainability (2021-2023) (Details)
The Emerging Application of Blockchain-based Traceability Technologies in Online Shopping: A Human-centric Evaluation (2020-2020) (Details)
Really Enforceable Solution to Protect End-users Consent & Tracking Decisions (2019-2020) (Details)
Supporting Educators' Pedagogical Activities with 360-degree Video (2019-2022) (Details)
Towards Realization of Accountable Multi-modal Smart Mobility in Vienna: Do Smartphone Apps Influence Mode Choice Behavior among Viennese Citizens? The Role of User-interface Design in Influencing Users’ Mobility Behaviour in Vienna (2019-2020) (Details)
Gamification for Teaching and Learning at WU (2019-2020) (Details)
EXPloring opportunities and challenges for Emerging personal DaTa Ecosystems: Empowering humans in the age of the GDPR (2018-2020) (Details)
Domain-Specific Languages for Model-Driven Security Engineering (2011-2013) (Details)
Creative Business Process Redesign (Details)
Responsive Open Learning Environments (2009-2013) (Details)
ICOPER - Interoperable Content for Performance in a Competency-driven Society (2008-2011) (Details)
3rd Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cluster and Grid Computing (VHPC '08) (2008-2008) (Details)
Language Technologies for Lifelong Learning (2008-2011) (Details)
Funding Filing FP7: Data Metamodeling for Next Generation Network Management (Details)
User Profiles in Learn@WU communities (2007-2008) (Details)
2nd Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cluster and Grid Computing (XHPC/VHPC'07) as part of the 13th International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par 2007). RISA, Rennes, France, August 28-31, 2007. (2007-2007) (Details)
Mini-BOF on NE/Facilities/Lines/Protocols/Services Modeling at the IETF68. Prague, March 18-23, 2007. (2007-2007) (Details)
Financial Process Algebra (2007-2008) (Details)
Highly Bursty Server-Side TCP Traffic Characterization with Wavelet Models (2007-2008) (Details)
Funding Filing WWTF: Financial Process Algebra (Details)
M. Alexander W. Gardner, eds. Process Algebra for Parallel and Distributed Processing. Chapman and Hall/CRC Press Computational Science Series, 2008 (forthcoming). (2007-2008) (Details)
Workshop on Xen in High-Performance Cluster and Grid Computing Environments (XHPC'06) as part of the Fourth International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications (ISPA'2006) (2006-2006) (Details)
Development of the WU E-Learning Academy (2006-2008) (Details)
Forum Neue Medien Austria - Serverprojekt (2006-2007) (Details)
e-learning Podcasts for educational material (2006-2006) (Details)
Critical Success Factors for informal learning arrangements for sales management (2005-2007) (Details)
Prolix (2005-2009) (Details)
Funding Filing FWF: Financial Process Algebra (2005-2006) (Details)
IT support of procurement: measuring efficiency of different ERP components by empirical process analysis (2005-2006) (Details)
sip2sp - a distributed hash-table based SIP implementation (Details)
Inter- und intrainstitutionelle Austauschstrategien: Qualifizierungsstrategien für Personal und Content (2005-2006) (Details)
iCamp (2005-2008) (Details)
New and further development of methods for the manual and automated Web site evaluation (2005-2006) (Details)
WebLab - A System for Online Experimentation (Details)
Development and Improvement of Measuremet Instruments for the Automated and Manual Evaluation of Websites (2004-2005) (Details)
Funding Filing FP6: Visual Language for Systems Modeling (2004-2005) (Details)
Funding Filing FP6: Galileo/EGNOS System Education and Training Project (2004-2005) (Details)
Funding Filing Celtic: An Automated System for Device Descriptor Design and Provisioning Code Generation for Network Elements (2004-2004) (Details)
ProLearn - Network of Excellence for technology enhanced professional learning (2004-2008) (Details)
Elena - Creating a smart space for learning (2002-2005) (Details)
TEN-A: Trans European Network Academy (2002-2003) (Details)
Information technology and brand architecture (2002-2003) (Details)
Comparative organisation research: profit- and nonprofit organizations (2000-2001) (Details)
UNIVERSAL Exchange for Pan-European Higher Education (2000-2003) (Details)
Electronic brokerage (1998-2000) (Details)
Applications of web-based mass information systems in electronic commerce (1998-2000) (Details)
Personalization and 1 to 1 marketing (1998-2000) (Details)
Innovative electronic financial services (1998-2000) (Details)
Management and technological strategies for the use of web based mass information systems for electronic commerce (1997-1999) (Details)
Meta-modeling in EIA/CDIF for specifying business-oriented information systems (1993-1998) (Details)