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fallback portrait photo Agaran, Berrin
fallback portrait photo Bauer, Gerhard
Bauer, Stefan
fallback portrait photo Frysak, Josef
fallback portrait photo Gismondi, Riccardo
Grisold, Thomas
fallback portrait photo Haas, Dieter
fallback portrait photo Hager, Petra
fallback portrait photo Hahnenkamp, Stefan
fallback portrait photo Haiss, Peter
fallback portrait photo Heppner, Björn
fallback portrait photo Holmes, Ta'id
fallback portrait photo Höllwieser, Christian
fallback portrait photo Jammernegg, Werner
Korunovska, Jana
fallback portrait photo Mahlberg, Bernhard
fallback portrait photo Margiol, Sebastian
fallback portrait photo Mühlbacher, Robert
fallback portrait photo Nekham, Markus
Neumayer, Nikolai
fallback portrait photo Novotny, Alexander
Obwegeser, Nikolaus
fallback portrait photo Paulhart-Hebenstreit, Sandra
fallback portrait photo Pfleger, Natascha
fallback portrait photo Pinzenöhler, Andreas
Savenkov, Vadim
fallback portrait photo Schefer-Wenzl, Sigrid
fallback portrait photo Stasic, Arsen
fallback portrait photo Szojak, Martin
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Digitale Transformation und Wissenstransfer im Gewerbe und Handwerk (2021-2025) (Details)
Human—Sustainable:Digital (2021-2023) (Details)
Human—Digital:Sustainability (2021-2023) (Details)
Sustainable Procurement (2021-2021) (Details)
One Hub for OpenData (2021-2021) (Details)
Ontologie-basierte Abfragen in Graph-DBs (2021-2022) (Details)
Human-AI Teaming Platform for Maintaining and evolving AI Systems in Manufacturing (2021-2023) (Details)
Kompetenzmodelle für Gewerbe & Handel (2020-2021) (Details)
The Geography of Open Source Software (2020-2021) (Details)
WKO Qualifizierter Gewerbezugang (2020-2022) (Details)
Sustainability Reporting 2020 (2020-2021) (Details)
Open (Science) Data Usage - A linkage infrastructure for reuse and data citation analytics (2020-2021) (Details)
Java EE/Jakarta EE, Scripting Taglibs (2020-2099) (Details)
Learning from the future und digitales Future Lab (2020-2021) (Details)
WKO Digital Future Lab (2020-2021) (Details)
Validation of Prior Learning und das Netz der Kompetenzen (2020-2021) (Details)
IC vs. TR - Quantitative Comparison between Inverted and Traditional Classroom Teaching (2020-2020) (Details)
COST Action CA19134 - Distributed Knowledge Graphs (2020-2024) (Details)
A Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Evaluation of Material Master Data Management Using Two Case Studies (2020-2020) (Details)
PENNI - Policy Enabled Next geNeration Internet (2020-2022) (Details)
ODArchive – Creating an archive for structured data from Open Data Portals (2020-2020) (Details)
Semantic Processing of Security Event Streams (2020-2021) (Details)
The Emerging Application of Blockchain-based Traceability Technologies in Online Shopping: A Human-centric Evaluation (2020-2020) (Details)
Exploring views of human nature and technology (2020-2021) (Details)
Reducing food waste by retail chain supply and store management (2020-2022) (Details)
Blended Learning Development (2020-2021) (Details)
Development of Teaching Materials for Business Analytics (2020-2021) (Details)
Really Enforceable Solution to Protect End-users Consent & Tracking Decisions (2019-2020) (Details)
Consent reqUest fRamEwork (CURE) (2019-2020) (Details)
Reducing Cogntive Errors (2019-2020) (Details)
The impact of fiscal policy on the term structure of interest rates within the Eurozone (2019-2022) (Details)
KnowGraphs - Knowledge Graphs at Scale (2019-2023) (Details)
Sustainability Reporting 2019 (2019-2020) (Details)
AI@WORK - Human Centered AI in Digitized Working Environments (2019-2020) (Details)
Erasmus+ BPM Org Theory (2019-2021) (Details)
Supporting Educators' Pedagogical Activities with 360-degree Video (2019-2022) (Details)
Towards Realization of Accountable Multi-modal Smart Mobility in Vienna: Do Smartphone Apps Influence Mode Choice Behavior among Viennese Citizens? The Role of User-interface Design in Influencing Users’ Mobility Behaviour in Vienna (2019-2020) (Details)
Flow Language (2019-2020) (Details)
Value sensitive system design for competitive differentiation (2019-2020) (Details)
Gamification for Teaching and Learning at WU (2019-2020) (Details)
Entwicklung einer Schnittstelle für das Netz der Kompetenzen (NdK) zu einem neuen Unternehmensqualifikationsgesetz (2019-2020) (Details)
Incorporating food quality in e-grocery logistics optimization (2019-2020) (Details)
NutriSafe - Securing of Food Production and Logistics with Distributed Ledger Technology (2019-2021) (Details)
An empirical investigation on supply chain segmentation through strategic alignment (2019-2020) (Details)
Net of Competencies (2019-2022) (Details)
Knowledge Transfer and Digital Innovation between Austria and Albania (2019-2020) (Details)
ERP4Cloud (2019-2020) (Details)
EU Funding 2018-1-LI01-KA203-000114, “Reference Module Design for Explorative Business Process Management" (2019-2021) (Details)
Developing method-oriented course materials for Courses 1, 2 and 3 of the Specialization in Production Management (2019-2019) (Details)
Semantische Suche in Rechtsinformationen (2018-2019) (Details)
Linked Legal Information for Citizens (2018-2019) (Details)
Validierung NdK (2018-2020) (Details)
Challenging Online Hate with the Power of Community (2018-2020) (Details)
Sustainability Reporting 2018 (2018-2019) (Details)
Relationship between the ‘personal ideal self’ and the ‘ideal organizational self’ (2018-2021) (Details)
EXPloring opportunities and challenges for Emerging personal DaTa Ecosystems: Empowering humans in the age of the GDPR (2018-2020) (Details)
Case Study Development - Business Analytics (2018-2018) (Details)
Privacy Aspects for Data Analytics in Industrial Automation Environments in the context of the European general Data Protection GDPR (2018-2019) (Details)
Integrated Development 4.0 (2018-2021) (Details)
NdK - Netz der Kompetenzen (2018-2020) (Details)
Digital Skill Tracker (2018-2019) (Details)
Bewertung Unternehmensqualifikation (2018-2018) (Details)
Regulating Artficial Intelligence (2018-2018) (Details)
A Method for Facilitating Process Exploration (2018-2020) (Details)
Structured Online Learning Environment for Course III of the Specialization in Production Management (2018-2018) (Details)
Austrian Center for Digital Production (2018-2022) (Details)
Crisismanagment/RISkanalysis - CROSSover system (2017-2019) (Details)
Algorithmic Management (2017-2019) (Details)
Cyber-Physical Social Systems for City-wide Infrastructures (2017-2020) (Details)
Incentivising Open Data Exploration through Needs Management (2017-2018) (Details)
Developing and testing the value-based IT design approach (2017-2019) (Details)
IAGF - eine lernende Organisation (2017-2021) (Details)
Process- and Resource-Aware Information Systems (2017-2019) (Details)
Business Process Optimization Toolkit (2017-2018) (Details)
Optimization of product distribution with stochastic demand in the petrochemical industry (2017-2017) (Details)
Strategieentwicklung mit innovativem organisationalem Lernen (2017-2017) (Details)
International Semantic Web Conference 2017 (2017-2017) (Details)
Inverted Classroom Development for Course III of the Specialization in Production Management (2017-2017) (Details)
SPECIAL - Scalable Policy-awarE linked data arChitecture for prIvacy, trAnsparency and compLiance (2017-2019) (Details)
Open Data for Local Communities (2016-2019) (Details)
DALICC - Data Licenses Clearance Centre (2016-2019) (Details)
Sustainability Reporting 2016 (2016-2017) (Details)
Big Data, Innovation und Datenschutz (2016-2017) (Details)
BKA: Alternative Texterstellung E-Recht (2016-2017) (Details)
Interview study on engineers’ attitude towards privacy (2016-2017) (Details)
WKO 2025 (2016-2016) (Details)
Developing a vision and guiding principles for the year 2030 in Andernach (2016-2017) (Details)
Participatory Learning Organization (2016-2017) (Details)
IT-Wirtschaftlichkeitsanalyse WKOÖ (2015-2016) (Details)
Privacy and Usability (2015-2020) (Details)
PROPEL: Propelling the potential of Enterprise Linked Data in Austria (2015-2016) (Details)
Infinica Field Force 3 (2015-2016) (Details)
ADEQUATe: Analytics & Data Enrichment to improve the QUAliTy of Open Data (2015-2018) (Details)
Baningo (2015-2016) (Details)
Sustainability Reporting 2015 (2015-2016) (Details)
Innovative organizational learning (2015-2016) (Details)
Graphsense - Realtime Anomaly Detection in Virtual and Non-Virtual Currency Networks (2015-2017) (Details)
Informal Learning Through New Media in Albanian Education (2015-2016) (Details)
RISE_BPM (2015-2019) (Details)
BTO (2015-2017) (Details)
SEMANTiCS 2015 (2015-2015) (Details)
Querying Archives of Dynamic Linked Open Data (2015-2017) (Details)
RISearch - Search optimization for RIS (2015-2015) (Details)
Quality assurance in crowdsourcing (2014-2015) (Details)
Infinica Field Force 2 (2014-2015) (Details)
Learning from the future for the school of the future using BEWEXTRA (2014-2015) (Details)
Text2Control (2014-2015) (Details)
Safety-critical Human- and dAta-centric Process management in Engineering projects (SHAPE) (2014-2017) (Details)
Production planning for MAGNA Heavy Stamping (Details)
OpenData@WU (2014-2015) (Details)
Train Transnational (2014-2015) (Details)
SPARQL Evaluations and Extensions (kurz: SEE): Subproject XSPARQL, SPARQL Update & Linked Data (2014-2015) (Details)
Open City Data Pipeline - Study on the collection of open city data (2014-2015) (Details)
Cultural Differences and BPM Success (2014-2014) (Details)
Infinica Field Force (2013-2014) (Details)
Study Processlibrary (2013-2014) (Details)
Sensor-Enabled Real-World Awareness for Management Information Systems (2013-2017) (Details)
Cyber-Security Balanced Scorecard (2013-2014) (Details)
IT Operational Risk Awareness Building in Banking Organizations (2013-2015) (Details)
Social Information System Governance in Austrian SMEs (2013-2016) (Details)
The richness of usage of context meta-models (2012-2013) (Details)
uComp (Embedded Human Computation for Knowledge Extraction and Evaluation) (2012-2015) (Details)
Information Integration for Enterprises in Global Projects (2012-2013) (Details)
Reactive Music (2012-2012) (Details)
European Wide Service Platform for Green European Transportation (2012-2015) (Details)
eConsultations as a tool to improve the governance of large public sector organisations - the WU wien case (2012-2014) (Details)
Developing a teaching and learning platform for the management of international supply chains (2012-2012) (Details)
Evaluation of Process and IT Security of Admiral Casinos und Entertainment AG (2012-2012) (Details)
Shall I adapt to you or you to me? (2012-2012) (Details)
Supply Chain teaching and learning concept (2011-2012) (Details)
Domain-Specific Languages for Model-Driven Security Engineering (2011-2013) (Details)
Dynamic Integration and Visualization of Information from Multiple Evidence Sources (2011-2013) (Details)
ooRexx Language Bindings for D-Bus (Details)
Creative Business Process Redesign (Details)
Business Game - In-Bound SC-processes (2010-2012) (Details)
Feasibility-Study Research-Cluster (Details)
Development of a generic multi-agent system (Details)
High Acceptance Multi Criteria Decision Making (2010-2012) (Details)
Climate Change Collaboratory (2010-2011) (Details)
EADS - risk analysis (2010-2010) (Details)
Learning from the future (Details)
(2010-2010) (Details)
knowledge-based vision development in a regional context in St.Andrä/Wördern (Details)
(2009-2010) (Details)
Knowledge-Based Management (2009-2023) (Details)
LogMan (2009-2011) (Details)
BSF4ooRexx - Bean Scripting Framework for ooRexx (2009-2099) (Details)
E-Learn_Lang_10Min (Details)
Gradient of moving averages (2009-2009) (Details)
Responsive Open Learning Environments (2009-2013) (Details)
Secure Intermodal Modes - Secure Intermodal Carriers (2009-2011) (Details)
Supply Chain Herz (2008-2009) (Details)
The Application of E-Learning Systems to Encourage Equal Opportunities between Women and Men on the Labour Market (Details)
Learning Foreign Languages by the Use of Modern Technologies (Details)
Freightvision (2008-2010) (Details)
ICOPER - Interoperable Content for Performance in a Competency-driven Society (2008-2011) (Details)
3rd Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cluster and Grid Computing (VHPC '08) (2008-2008) (Details)
Management and Ethics in Austrian Enterprises. An Empirical Analysis of Economical and Ethical Decision Criteria (2008-2009) (Details)
Language Technologies for Lifelong Learning (2008-2011) (Details)
Funding Filing FP7: Data Metamodeling for Next Generation Network Management (Details)
RAVEN - Relation Analysis and Visualization for Enterprise Networks (2008-2010) (Details)
Studies on Language Processing (2007-2008) (Details)
User Profiles in Learn@WU communities (2007-2008) (Details)
Supply Chain Screenplay (2007-2008) (Details)
SSC - Secure Supply Chains (2007-2008) (Details)
2nd Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cluster and Grid Computing (XHPC/VHPC'07) as part of the 13th International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par 2007). RISA, Rennes, France, August 28-31, 2007. (2007-2007) (Details)
Parallel Computing for the Calculation of Pension Liabilities according to International Accounting Standards (Details)
TRALOTRA - Training tools in Logistics and Transport (Details)
Supply Power Drives (2007-2007) (Details)
Mini-BOF on NE/Facilities/Lines/Protocols/Services Modeling at the IETF68. Prague, March 18-23, 2007. (2007-2007) (Details)
log4rexx (Details)
Financial Process Algebra (2007-2008) (Details)
Highly Bursty Server-Side TCP Traffic Characterization with Wavelet Models (2007-2008) (Details)
Funding Filing WWTF: Financial Process Algebra (Details)
M. Alexander W. Gardner, eds. Process Algebra for Parallel and Distributed Processing. Chapman and Hall/CRC Press Computational Science Series, 2008 (forthcoming). (2007-2008) (Details)
Workshop on Xen in High-Performance Cluster and Grid Computing Environments (XHPC'06) as part of the Fourth International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications (ISPA'2006) (2006-2006) (Details)
IDIOM - Information Diffusion Across Interactive Online Media (2006-2008) (Details)
Development of the WU E-Learning Academy (2006-2008) (Details)
Recommender systems for trading stocks (2006-2006) (Details)
Inter-Organizational Information Sharing (Details)
Modeling and simulation of international supply chains and integration into a Centraleuropean learning and teaching plattform (Details)
Influencing factors on the transmission of personal data on the Internet: A intercultural study (2006-2007) (Details)
FLOSSMETRICS (2006-2009) (Details)
useR 2006 -- 2nd R user conference (2006-2006) (Details)
Supply Chain STI-Elin (Details)
Public IT Assessment Framework (2006-2008) (Details)
Forum Neue Medien Austria - Serverprojekt (2006-2007) (Details)
e-learning Podcasts for educational material (2006-2006) (Details)
Interfaces for Uiversal Network Objects (UNO) (Details)
AVALON - Akquisition und Validierung von Ontologien (2006-2008) (Details)
ooRexxUnit (2005-2007) (Details)
Critical Success Factors for informal learning arrangements for sales management (2005-2007) (Details)
Prolix (2005-2009) (Details)
Funding Filing FWF: Financial Process Algebra (2005-2006) (Details)
IT support of procurement: measuring efficiency of different ERP components by empirical process analysis (2005-2006) (Details)
sip2sp - a distributed hash-table based SIP implementation (Details)
Inter- und intrainstitutionelle Austauschstrategien: Qualifizierungsstrategien für Personal und Content (2005-2006) (Details)
Internationalization processes and cross-border supply chain processes in the Centraleuropean production industry (2005-2007) (Details)
iCamp (2005-2008) (Details)
ERP Customer Satisfaction Panel (Details)
Center for Product development (2005-2007) (Details)
Integrated Demand and Supply Chain Management (2005-2008) (Details)
Strengths-Weaknesses Analysis of the Eastern Austria as a location for production facilities (2005-2007) (Details)
Experimental Interfaces for ooRexx (2005-2005) (Details)
New and further development of methods for the manual and automated Web site evaluation (2005-2006) (Details)
WebLab - A System for Online Experimentation (Details)
Development and Improvement of Measuremet Instruments for the Automated and Manual Evaluation of Websites (2004-2005) (Details)
Funding Filing FP6: Visual Language for Systems Modeling (2004-2005) (Details)
Funding Filing FP6: Galileo/EGNOS System Education and Training Project (2004-2005) (Details)
Funding Filing Celtic: An Automated System for Device Descriptor Design and Provisioning Code Generation for Network Elements (2004-2004) (Details)
Open Object Rexx (ooRexx) (2004-2007) (Details)
Evaluation and Selection of ERP Systems in Austrian and British Enterprises (ERP04) (2004-2005) (Details)
A computational environment for mining association rules and frequent item sets in R (2004-2008) (Details)
ProLearn - Network of Excellence for technology enhanced professional learning (2004-2008) (Details)
European Thematic Network for the Excellence in Operations and Supply Chain Management Education, Research and Practice (2003-2007) (Details)
rgf_oleinfo (2003-2007) (Details)
JSR-223 (Details)
Java/OpenJDK (2003-2099) (Details)
Instruments for IS-Controlling (ISCO) (2003-2004) (Details)
Workshop on Electronic Voting in Europe (2003-2004) (Details)
DSC 2003 -- Distributed Statistical Computing (2003-2003) (Details)
Digital Business Modelling (2002-2010) (Details)
Free/Open Source Software Development (2002-2004) (Details)
Elena - Creating a smart space for learning (2002-2005) (Details)
ERP03: Adoption decision, evaluation and selection of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in small-to-medium sized enterprises (2002-2003) (Details)
TEN-A: Trans European Network Academy (2002-2003) (Details)
From e-government to e-democracy: Development of a prototype for an e-voting-enable voter registration (2002-2003) (Details)
Information technology and brand architecture (2002-2003) (Details)
Legal aspects of e-voting in university law (2001-2003) (Details)
Digital libraries (2001-2005) (Details)
Optimierungspotentiale in der Entsorgungslogistik (2001-2002) (Details)
Apache Software Foundation, Bean Scripting Framework (Details)
Automatic recommender systems for education providers (2001-2003) (Details)
E-science tools and new media (2000-2001) (Details)
Comparative organisation research: profit- and nonprofit organizations (2000-2001) (Details)
Complaint management and call center management (2000-2001) (Details)
UNIVERSAL Exchange for Pan-European Higher Education (2000-2003) (Details)
BSF4Rexx - Bean Scripting Framework for Rexx (2000-2009) (Details)
Personalisierung und digitale Bibliothek für die VU (Virtual University) (1999-2000) (Details)
Study of the software industry (1999-2000) (Details)
Applications for three dimensional digital image analysis in Bio-Computing (3DMorph) (1999-2003) (Details)
Electronic brokerage (1998-2000) (Details)
Applications of web-based mass information systems in electronic commerce (1998-2000) (Details)
Personalization and 1 to 1 marketing (1998-2000) (Details)
The decision making process concerning investments in ERP software (1998-1999) (Details)
Innovative electronic financial services (1998-2000) (Details)
Virtual university (1998-1999) (Details)
Software project modelling (1998-1999) (Details)
ECOVIN - Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs via innovation (1998-2000) (Details)
Evaluation of business process improvements (1997-1999) (Details)
Supply chain management for customer-driven small batch production (1997-1999) (Details)
Product engineering with intelligent agents (1997-1999) (Details)
Adaptive modelling in economics and management science (1997-2003) (Details)
Adaptive information systems and modelling in economics and management science - Initiative 5: Artificial factory (1997-2003) (Details)
Adaptive information systems and modelling in economics and management science (1997-2002) (Details)
Management and technological strategies for the use of web based mass information systems for electronic commerce (1997-1999) (Details)
Any time-computing and utility (1997-2001) (Details)
Analyzing competitive market structures and consumer heterogeneity: a comparison of simultaneous approaches (1997-1998) (Details)
The integration of the time dimension in the relational data model (1997-1999) (Details)
Adaptive Modelling - Market segmentation and product positioning (1997-2003) (Details)
rgf_util (Details)
Real options models for strategic IT decisions (1996-2000) (Details)
Cooperation as institutional decision (1995-1998) (Details)
Meta-modeling in EIA/CDIF for specifying business-oriented information systems (1993-1998) (Details)