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Mayrhofer, Wolfgang


Aflenzer, Birgit
fallback portrait photo Ajredini, Hurije
fallback portrait photo Baier, Rainer
fallback portrait photo Bauer, Elisabeth
fallback portrait photo Bendl, Regine
Biscaro, Claudio
fallback portrait photo Borowski, Martina
Borsoi, Andrea
Bot, Alina Alexandra
fallback portrait photo Breitenfeld, Valerie
fallback portrait photo Burgeth, Yvonne
Cechovsky, Nora
fallback portrait photo Clar, Maria
Delmestri, Giuseppe
fallback portrait photo Dickie, Bahrun
fallback portrait photo Dobrovits, Ingrid
fallback portrait photo Dominici, Susanne
Ebinger, Falk
fallback portrait photo Eggenhofer-Rehart, Petra
fallback portrait photo Elsik, Wolfgang
fallback portrait photo Feibel, Margit
fallback portrait photo Fetzer, Katrin
fallback portrait photo Fleischmann, Alexander
Fortmüller, Richard
Fuhrmann, Bettina
Furtmüller, Gerhard
fallback portrait photo Gehart, Christian
Geissler, Gerhard
fallback portrait photo Gellner-Bächer, Renate
Günther, Elisabeth Anna
fallback portrait photo Hainzl, Astrid
fallback portrait photo Hajro, Aida
Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud
fallback portrait photo Hanesova, Andrea
Heiser, Jan Christoph
fallback portrait photo Herzog, Michaela
fallback portrait photo Hlavacek, Thomas
fallback portrait photo Jancsary, Dennis
fallback portrait photo Jandrisevits, Jakob
fallback portrait photo Jann, Beatrice
fallback portrait photo Karner, Dominik
fallback portrait photo Kellner, Gabriel
Knassmüller, Monika
fallback portrait photo Koch, Thorsten
fallback portrait photo Kodydek, Georg
fallback portrait photo Konczer, Kerstin
fallback portrait photo Kreilinger, Lisa
fallback portrait photo Langer, Herbert
fallback portrait photo Langthaler, Sonja
Lessky, Franziska
fallback portrait photo Litofcenko, Julia
fallback portrait photo Löffler, Bernhard
fallback portrait photo Lünenborg, Yasmin
Maier, Florentine
fallback portrait photo Maurer, Iris
fallback portrait photo Mensi-Klarbach, Heike
Meyer, Michael
fallback portrait photo Meyer, Renate
Mille, Silvia
fallback portrait photo Mühlbacher, Jürgen
fallback portrait photo Müllauer-Hager, Barbara
Müller-Camen, Michael
Nairz-Wirth, Erna
fallback portrait photo Neubauer, Markus
fallback portrait photo Neumayr, Michaela
fallback portrait photo Nguyen, Ngoc Thang
fallback portrait photo Obereder, Lisa
Oberg, Achim
fallback portrait photo Pachlinger, Ilse
fallback portrait photo Palucki, Maciej
fallback portrait photo Peck, Petra
Pernkopf, Katharina
fallback portrait photo Petrasch, Sabine I.
Posch, Michael
fallback portrait photo Prunner, Anna
Rapp, Marco Leander
Raso, Andrea
Raynard, Mia
fallback portrait photo Reichel, Astrid
Reiss, Lea Katharina
fallback portrait photo Reiter, Karolin
Riess, Christoph
Ruech, Renate
fallback portrait photo Sandner, Karl
Sarwari, Shireen
fallback portrait photo Sauberer, Lisa
Schafferhofer, Mitra
fallback portrait photo Schiffinger, Michael
fallback portrait photo Schmidt, Angelika
Schneeberger, Doris
fallback portrait photo Schneider, Wilfried
fallback portrait photo Schneider, Hanna
Schopf, Christiane
fallback portrait photo Schreder, Michaela
fallback portrait photo Schöberl, Martha
fallback portrait photo Seiwald, Johann
fallback portrait photo Semper, Daniel
Senthilvele, Sajeevan
fallback portrait photo Skala, Franz-Karl
fallback portrait photo Steger, Karl
fallback portrait photo Steindl, Sabrina
Steininger, Rosanna
fallback portrait photo Steyrer, Johannes
Strodl, Barbara
Tapfer, Vivian Johannes
fallback portrait photo Thelen, Clarissa
fallback portrait photo Thiele, Raik
fallback portrait photo Ullrich-Rosner, Gisela
fallback portrait photo Vith, Sebastian
fallback portrait photo Volgmann, Kira
Wagner, Elisabeth
fallback portrait photo Wailzer, Andreas
Weber, Johannes
Weiß, Sabine
Willems, Jurgen
Zellhofer, Dominik
fallback portrait photo von Eckardstein, Dudo


fallback portrait photo Aff, Josef
fallback portrait photo Andre, Gabriele
fallback portrait photo Antal, Werner
fallback portrait photo Augusta, Renate
Axmann, Ursula
fallback portrait photo Bech, Gabriele
fallback portrait photo Benedikt, Karoline
fallback portrait photo Bernhuber, Wolfgang
fallback portrait photo Besau, Dietmar
fallback portrait photo Breiteneder, Matthias
fallback portrait photo Brodey, Monika
fallback portrait photo Brumana, Mara
fallback portrait photo Buber, Renate
fallback portrait photo Buchmaier, Doris
fallback portrait photo Büche, Angela
fallback portrait photo Chudzikowski, Katharina
fallback portrait photo Csellich-Ruso, Renate
fallback portrait photo Decker, Christian
fallback portrait photo Deubner, Mia
fallback portrait photo Dunkel-Grimus, Amanda
fallback portrait photo Eberherr, Helga
fallback portrait photo Egger-Peitler, Isabell
fallback portrait photo Ehrenreich-Exel, Christine
fallback portrait photo Estl, Maximilian
fallback portrait photo Feldmann, Klaus
fallback portrait photo Fraberger, Georg
Fraisl, Melanie
fallback portrait photo Frantz, Nicola
fallback portrait photo Glatter, Erwin
fallback portrait photo Grohs-Müller, Stefan
fallback portrait photo Göschl, Jasmine
fallback portrait photo Hackl, Harald
fallback portrait photo Haderer, Manfred
fallback portrait photo Hardt, Michael
fallback portrait photo Hauer, Erich
fallback portrait photo Heinrich, Monika
fallback portrait photo Hermann, Anett
fallback portrait photo Hofbauer, Christoph
fallback portrait photo Hulla, Cornelia
fallback portrait photo Höfferl, Annette
fallback portrait photo Kasper, Helmut
fallback portrait photo Kozak, Wolfgang
fallback portrait photo Kögler, Gottfried
fallback portrait photo Laloux, Georg
fallback portrait photo Langer, Marcelline
fallback portrait photo Latzke, Markus
fallback portrait photo Lesk, Susanne
fallback portrait photo Mattl, Christine
fallback portrait photo Michelitsch-Riedl, Gabriela
fallback portrait photo Moser, Ulrike
fallback portrait photo Neuwirth, Erich
fallback portrait photo Palleschitz, Ronald
fallback portrait photo Payr-Praschak, Susanne
fallback portrait photo Petz, Tristan
fallback portrait photo Pichler, Otmar
fallback portrait photo Pichler-Roßbach, Julia
fallback portrait photo Prager-Müllner, Elisabeth
fallback portrait photo Prankl, Michaela
fallback portrait photo Rendl, Eva-Maria
Rieder, Kilian
fallback portrait photo Rumler-Preloznik, Regina
Rumpold, Herwig
fallback portrait photo Sacherer, Remo
fallback portrait photo Schaupp, Lydia
fallback portrait photo Schneider, Birgit
fallback portrait photo Schneidhofer, Thomas
fallback portrait photo Schulmeister, Stephan
fallback portrait photo Seboth, Ronald
fallback portrait photo Seiler, Johannes
fallback portrait photo Simanowitz, Jenny
fallback portrait photo Sonntag, Axel
fallback portrait photo Stahl, Heinz Klaus
fallback portrait photo Stangl, Robert
fallback portrait photo Stegu, Martin
fallback portrait photo Steinbereithner, Martin
fallback portrait photo Steiner, Christian
fallback portrait photo Stöger, Anita
fallback portrait photo Szücs, Nora
fallback portrait photo Teufl, Stefan
fallback portrait photo Trinko, Sandra
fallback portrait photo Vey, Jean-Luc
fallback portrait photo Wagner, Stefan
fallback portrait photo Wagner, Dieter
fallback portrait photo Wendt, Tosca
fallback portrait photo Wurzer, Helmut
fallback portrait photo Würzl, Nina
fallback portrait photo Zedlacher, Eva
fallback portrait photo Zitz-Werban, Melanie


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Naina Studies – An investigation into student beliefs about the economy and economic education (2020-2022) (Details)
Women in leadership positions in Austrian industrial companies (2019-2019) (Details)
Public Managers’ role in creating Workplace Social Capital and its effect on employees’ well-being and sickness absence – a longitudinal cohort study (2019-2021) (Details)
Economic competences in Austria (2018-2021) (Details)
Diversity 2020- initative of RBI (2018-2019) (Details)
Interactive Web-Based Training Modules "The social security system in Austria" (2018-2019) (Details)
Introduction to Business and Economics (2018-2019) (Details)
Civil Society-Monitoring in CEE (2018-2019) (Details)
intercultural didactics. pedagogical points of view (2018-2020) (Details)
Results-oriented Management in the Swiss Federal Administration - Implementation and Developments (2018-2018) (Details)
Managing study and work - exploring student's experiences and analysing factors of study success (2018-2019) (Details)
The Platform Organization: Translation of a Management Concept into Strategy and Structure (2018-2022) (Details)
Comparative Green HRM (2017-2020) (Details)
Gendered Patenting in Austria (2017-2018) (Details)
Tax Literacy and Tax Compliance (2017-2019) (Details)
Incentives, Academic Assessment and Learn Motivation (2017-2018) (Details)
Civil Life of Cities Lab (2017-2021) (Details)
Political-Administrative Elite 2017 (2017-2018) (Details)
Implizite Theorien der ethischen Führung (2017-2020) (Details)
Project for higher education student and staff mobility between Programme Countries and Partner Countries (2017-2018) (Details)
Transnational Governance and Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (2017-2018) (Details)
Potential analysis of employer groupings (2017-2017) (Details)
The Civic Life of Cities - The societal contributions of NPOs in metropolitan regions (2017-2020) (Details)
Organizational Resilience in a City Context (2017-2020) (Details)
AUSTRIA MUNDUS+ initiation finance for ERASMUS+ Call EAC/A03/2016 (2016-2017) (Details)
Economic education from the perspective of students (2016-2019) (Details)
Working Group Financial Literacy of the German Society for Economic Education (2016-2020) (Details)
Financial Core Competences for Austria (2016-2019) (Details)
Improving teacher education for applied learning in the field of vocational education (2016-2018) (Details)
Improving teacher education for applied learning in the field of VET (ITE-VET) (2016-2018) (Details)
Managing complexity and didactics (2016-2018) (Details)
Reputation Management for Nonprofit Organizations (2016-2019) (Details)
Learning Hubs: Build Self-Directed Learners in Innovative Learning Environments (2016-2018) (Details)
Furthering Administrative Reform in Rhineland-Palatinate - Scientific Expertise on Functional Aspects (2016-2018) (Details)
Developing lifelong learners through Individualized Learning (2016-2017) (Details)
The Impact of Material Artifacts and Visual Representations on the Institutionalization of Innovations (2016-2016) (Details)
PERCEIVE: Regionale Identitäten und Europäische Kohäsion (2016-2019) (Details)
EUPACK - European Public Administration Country Knowledge (2016-2018) (Details)
Public Governance in Health Care: The implementation of the EWTD in Viennese hospitals (2016-2018) (Details)
COMPASS - Evidence and opportunities for responsible innovation in SMEs (2016-2017) (Details)
Pedagogy, Bildung and German Idealism (2016-2019) (Details)
Evaluation Apprenticeship and Matura (Higher School Certificate) (2016-2016) (Details)
Public Governance und Public Auditing (2016-2018) (Details)
Changing social class belongingness and Identity? Exploration of self-perceived class belongingness and identity of apperentices in Austria (2016-2016) (Details)
Transnational Governance of the University Field. The Travel of Global Ideas & the Role of Intermediary Organizations (2016-2020) (Details)
Collaborative Governance in der Flüchtlingskrise (2016-2018) (Details)
Financial Literacy Stakeholder Survey (2015-2016) (Details)
Implementing a Central Asian Centre for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship (2015-2018) (Details)
Study, employment and other domains of life - Arrangements of first-in-family students (2015-2019) (Details)
Pedagogical, political and interkultural perspectives on the Kantian "sensus communis" (2015-2017) (Details)
Sharing Economy (2015-2020) (Details)
Advancing the Environmental Protection Administration in Baden-Württemberg (2015-2016) (Details)
Stadt 2050: Nachhaltig und gerecht? (2015-2015) (Details)
COST: Joined-up Government on the Local Level (2015-2017) (Details)
Representation and Identity construction in Higher Education (2015-2018) (Details)
Students and Their Attitudes Towards Money (2015-2018) (Details)
Economic Literacy on the 8th level of schooling (2015-2015) (Details)
The Potential of Social Business in Austria (2015-2015) (Details)
Sustainable Local Environmental Administration (2015-2016) (Details)
AUSTRIA MUNDUS+ seed funding project for the ERASMUS+ Call EAC/A04/2014 (2014-2015) (Details)
Gendered Inequalities and Classism in Europe (2014-2017) (Details)
Open Government (2014-2019) (Details)
Public Interest-Orientation: Neue Organisationsformen (2014-2019) (Details)
Understanding Private Philanthropy in the European Context: What drives Charitable Giving and which Causes benefit? (2014-2020) (Details)
Finanzaufsicht 2020 (2014-2016) (Details)
GLOBAL VALUE - Assessing the Impacts of Multinational Corporations on GLOBAL Development and VALUE Creation (2014-2017) (Details)
Development of vocational and entrepreneural competences through entrepreneurship education and consulting (2013-2016) (Details)
Women are top - to the top by innovative corporate cultures (2013-2015) (Details)
The job situation and working climate for Germans in Vienna and Zurich - A comparison of status quo, influencing factors, and consequences (2013-2014) (Details)
Staffing in Corporate Social Responsibility Jobs: Ideals and Realities (Details)
Gender Cage - revisited: Reconfiguration of organizational Gender Differences in postmodern societies (2013-2017) (Details) - Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe (2013-2018) (Details)
Conflicting roles of Austrian board members - from a union representatives perspective (2012-2013) (Details)
Modeling und Measuring of Competencies (2012-2014) (Details)
An institutional perspective on the Austrian penal system (2012-2017) (Details)
Public Governance and Administrative Reforms: Reform Paradigms and Dynamics (2012-2016) (Details)
class consciousness and identity (Details)
The Administrative Leadership Culture Project (ALCP) (2012-2015) (Details)
Professionalisation for dropout prevention and intervention. A qualitative study of habitus-field constellations in the education system (2012-2015) (Details)
Public Value(s) of Vienna's Cultural Institutions (Details)
Managing and Love reloaded (2012-2015) (Details)
Structural data and gendersensitive measures in Austrian industries (2012-2012) (Details)
Learning from Second Chance Education: Making Use of Good Practices in Second Chance Education to Prevent Early School Leaving (2012-2013) (Details)
gender and diversity in economics (Details)
Implications of rewards on motivation (2012-2013) (Details)
Public-Corporate-Governance-Kodizes (2012-2015) (Details)
Ursachen kommunaler Haushaltsdefizite (2012-2014) (Details)
COCOPS: Public Sector Executive Identities (2012-2018) (Details)
The modeling and assessment of competencies in higher education (2012-2014) (Details)
Examining Career Scripts: Theoretical and empirical insights (Details)
Based on P. Bourdieu's theory and international programmes, the professionalisation of teachers is conceptualised in terms of school and training dropout prevention and intervention (2011-2012) (Details)
Leadership training for women: expectations and realities (2011-2012) (Details)
Non executive directors in family owned companies (2011-2012) (Details)
Social Skills in a Business Environment (2011-2012) (Details)
Schools as cultural centres (2011-2013) (Details)
CEOs on Wheels (2011-2012) (Details)
Interlocking theorizations: ‘Bundles’ of interdependent management concepts and their local variations (Details)
Formative Evaluation of the Implementation of New Curricula at Austrian Commercial Schools (2011-2012) (Details)
Catalogue of Measures for teachers, school principals, and parents to prevent or more effectively deal with school absenteeism and early school leaving. The beginning of a new school culture (2011-2011) (Details)
Private Charitable Giving in Austria (2011-2012) (Details)
New-styles of Doctoral Studies in Austria (2011-2013) (Details)
Quo vadis education? A qualitative longitudinal study in early school leaving (2010-2014) (Details)
Lesbische/Schwule UnternehmerInnen in Wien - eine Bestandsaufnahme (2010-2011) (Details)
management myths (Details)
Entwicklung und Implementierung nachhaltig wirksamer Strukturen zur Entrepreneurship Erziehung in der Russischen Föderation und Tadschikistan (2010-2013) (Details)
Teaching and Training in Public Administration (2010-2021) (Details)
Careers of former apprentices in Vienna. A longitudinal analysis. (2010-2011) (Details)
The challenges of ethnically segregated schools located in densely populated urban areas - the Vancouver Model. Searching for a good-practice model for Vienna (2010-2011) (Details)
Socio-Spatial and Scholastic Segregation Trends in the Vienna Metropolitan Area. Lessons to be learned from Berlin. (2010-2011) (Details)
E-Learning-Weiterbildungsnetzwerk im Tourismus (Belarus, Georgien und Ukraine) - WeNeT (2010-2013) (Details)
Querform (2010-2010) (Details)
Gender-neutral or gender-blind? On the meaning of structural barriers in SET (Details)
Moderne Verwaltungsorganisation zwischen Professionalität und Politik (2010-2012) (Details)
Public Corporate Governance: Öffentliche Organisationslandschaften und Steuerung autonomer Einheiten (2010-2019) (Details)
Hybrid qualifications in the context of Life Long Learning (2009-2011) (Details)
Change in managerial careers? A longitudinal analysis (Details)
Quo vadis education? A qualitative study of early school leavers’ habitus (2009-2010) (Details)
Network for the Development of Higher Education Management Systems (DEHEMS) (2009-2012) (Details)
Urban Strategies of Lifestyle Cities (2009-2015) (Details)
Reforms in public sector accounting (2009-2015) (Details)
Power of Distinction: Doing difference in organisation (2009-2012) (Details)
Lesbian women and worklife (2009-2009) (Details)
Lessons to learn of the history of education (2009-2010) (Details)
Marketization of Museums (2009-2011) (Details)
Generation Management (2009-2012) (Details)
The visual dimension in organizing, organization, and organization research (Details)
Erster Österreichischer Wirtschaftsdidaktik-Kongress (2008-2008) (Details)
Foundations in Austria. Functions and performance of foundations (2008-2010) (Details)
Institutional Environments and Modern Actorhood (2008-2009) (Details)
Steering and Control of Corporatisations and Agencies - Austrian Federal Experiences in International Comparison (2008-2010) (Details)
National scale for qualifications (Details)
Gender Equality at managerial universities (2008-2015) (Details)
Flexpatriate Assignments (2008-2010) (Details)
Material Culture (Details)
Giving Research (2008-2009) (Details)
Innovationsfähigkeit durch Institutionelle Reflexivität (2008-2011) (Details)
Politisch-Administrative Elite (PAE) 2009 (2008-2009) (Details)
Kommunale Kooperationen mit Lernenden Regionen (2008-2008) (Details)
The silent pedagogics. Studies on the scientific paradigms of Pierre Bourdieu. (2008-2009) (Details)
Impact of budgetary flexibilization and autonomization on agency performance (2008-2009) (Details)
User Profiles in Learn@WU communities (2007-2008) (Details)
Competence Management: Building Comparative Advantage in the Czeck Republic (2007-2008) (Details)
Flexpatriates and Short Term Assignments (2007-2008) (Details)
Crwoding-In Effect: Motivation by Nudging. (2007-2008) (Details)
Evaluation of the Master of Business Education (2007-2012) (Details)
Trade Unions and International Diversity Management (Details)
Feasibility study on implementing cost accounting in the Austrian parliamentary administration (2007-2008) (Details)
The impact of individual assessments on organisational performance in the public services of the EU Member States (2007-2008) (Details)
Introduction of Entrepreneurship Education in Russia (TEMPUS) JEP_27036_2006 (2007-2010) (Details)
Knowledge and competence in Gender- and Diversitymanagement (2007-2011) (Details)
Public Service Motivation (2007-2015) (Details)
Wandel europäischer Lokalsysteme (2007-2009) (Details)
VETLOG - The development of network of management training courses in the transport and logistics field in Ukraine (2006-2009) (Details)
The corporate image of the Vienna Technical University in comparison with technical Universities of Applied Sciences in the eastern part of Austria (2006-2007) (Details)
Development of the WU E-Learning Academy (2006-2008) (Details)
Evaluation of the vocational schools curriculum 2003 (2006-2007) (Details)
EFEU - E-Learning for One-Person Companies (2006-2007) (Details)
Variation of modern actorhood (2006-2008) (Details)
Replication of Organisational Routines (2006-2007) (Details)
"The third sector between voice and services: Comparing old and new democracies" (2006-2008) (Details)
Work Councils of the Academic Staff at Austrian Universities (2006-2007) (Details)
Developing Content-Standards and the Evaluation of its Implementation (2006-2007) (Details)
Teaching in School or Working in the Private Sector? – An Analysis of Business Education Graduates at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU Wien) (2006-2006) (Details)
Innovations in NPOs and Public Administration (2006-2007) (Details)
23rd EGOS Colloquium in Vienna (2006-2007) (Details)
Women in Human Resource Management (Details)
careers in the nonprofit sector (2006-2011) (Details)
Aging: Identification of Best Practices for Elder Experts within Knowledge-intensive Organisations in the Case of Strategic or Technological Change (2005-2006) (Details)
Decentralisation and Accountability as Focus of Public Adminsitration Modernisation (2005-2009) (Details)
Modelling of cost benefit effects of gender sensitive measures at operational level (2005-2006) (Details)
IHRM issues for international assignments (2005-2008) (Details)
The consequences of new employment systems on organizational commitment (2005-2011) (Details)
5C - Cross-Cultural Collaboration on Contemporary Careers (Details)
EQUAL-Projekt Learn Forever (2005-2007) (Details)
Teamwork revisited - follow-up survey on work groups and teams in banks (2005-2006) (Details)
Age_Powerment Action 2 and 3 (2005-2006) (Details)
E-Quality Management Gender Mainstreaming: concepts, implementing, evaluation (2005-2007) (Details)
Human Resource Accounting and Rationality (2005-2008) (Details)
Expatriate and alternative work assignments in the Oil IndustryEmpirical findings from Great Britain, Austria, Libya and Australia (2005-2007) (Details)
cost - benefit indicators of gender sensitive measures in technology and research intensive companies (2005-2005) (Details)
Metaphors in organizational discourse (2005-2011) (Details)
Gendered Software Design: Gender Scripts in Technological Artefacts (2005-2007) (Details)
networking (2005-2006) (Details)
Modernisierung der Umweltverwaltung (2005-2006) (Details)
Konstanzer-Elitestudie ¿ Politisch-Administrative Elite (PAE) (2005-2005) (Details)
Social Construction of Old Age (2005-2009) (Details)
From Innovation to Legitimacy (2005-2011) (Details)
AGE-Powerment - Action 1 (2005-2005) (Details)
Changing governance structures as a means to public sector reform (2004-2009) (Details)
Evaluation of heath care programs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) (2004-2006) (Details)
Financial Services for Women (2004-2004) (Details)
Increasing export quota in small and medium sized enterprises (2004-2005) (Details)
Determinants of compensation systems for top managers and experts in Nonprofit Organizations (2004-2005) (Details)
Changing governance structures in CEE countries (2004-2007) (Details)
Gambling in Austria (2004-2005) (Details)
Establishment of the department `Gender and Diversity in Organizations´ at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (2003-2004) (Details)
Competence Development as an Organizational Learning Process (2003-2004) (Details)
Pilot study for an Austrian nonprofit organization panel (2003-2004) (Details)
Managing Gender and Diversity (2003-2004) (Details)
Gender-sensitive Information and Communication Society (2003-2004) (Details)
Implementation of gender- and diversity management into the regular curriculum of the Vienna University of Economy and Business Administration (2003-2006) (Details)
Learning Platform "Gender and Diversity" (2003-2004) (Details)
Sponsoring politics of Viennese companies (2003-2003) (Details)
ICT and e-business: Female entrepreneurs in ICT (2002-2004) (Details)
STARSUST - Stakeholder Relations Management for Sustainable Development (CSR and Stakeholder) (2002-2003) (Details)
Ways out of women´s poverty (2002-2003) (Details)
Feasibility study for a professorship for nonprofit management (2002-2002) (Details)
Intercultural knowledge research and intercultural knowledge management (2002-2005) (Details)
Legitimacy of HR-departments (2002-2005) (Details)
Computer game "FemCity" (2002-2004) (Details)
Future management core-competences - Part 2 (2001-2005) (Details)
Knowledge management and organizational learning within multinational companies (2001-2005) (Details)
Future of civil society (2001-2002) (Details)
Perspectives and dynamics of administrative reforms in Austria (2001-2006) (Details)
Prospects of further education in the ICT sector for women (2001-2001) (Details)
Macroeconomic Meta-Modeling: Complex Dynamics and their Visualization (2001-2004) (Details)
International Assignments Supporting M&A Integration Processes (2001-2007) (Details)
Principles of leadership and/or managerial behavior (2001-2011) (Details)
Diffusion of management concepts: Current focus on shareholder value and corporate social responsibility (2001-2011) (Details)
Digital scientific and cultural heritage (2000-2001) (Details)
Knowledge management and organizational learning within multinational companies - research proposal (2000-2000) (Details)
Export Orientation and HRM in the European Union, Study at bfi Wien, Part: Interviews (2000-2000) (Details)
Managerial careers in a post industrial context (2000-2003) (Details)
Silent Pedagogics. Studies to the scientific paradigms of Pierre Bourdieu (2000-2006) (Details)
Value-based leadership and organizational change - a cross-cultural empirical study (2000-2003) (Details)
Knowledge of business-students in mathematics at the beginning of their studies at Vienna´s universities (1999-2002) (Details)
The Internet as a medium for qualification (1999-2000) (Details)
New organisational forms: Devolvement of responsibilities and its impact on the firm. A comparative analysis of Austria, Germany and Sweden at the example of the human resource function (1999-2002) (Details)
Student evaluation of teaching business administration - Analysis of validity concerns and influences on overall ratings (1999-2004) (Details)
Future management core-competences (1999-2001) (Details)
Drop-Out-Analyse der WU: Quantitative und qualitative Analyse unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Spät-Drop-Outs (1999-2002) (Details)
Theory and practice of knowledge management systems (1999-1999) (Details)
Strategies of human resource management in nonprofit organizations (1999-2001) (Details)
Cranfield School of Management, University of Cranfield (1999-2008) (Details)
Small business training and competitiveness (1998-2001) (Details)
A global employment marketplace in the information society (GEM) (1998-2001) (Details)
Teledemocracy (1998-1999) (Details)
Human resource accounting in medium sized firms (1998-1999) (Details)
Together - Yhdessä - Gemeinsam (1998-2000) (Details)
Change in top management (CEO) and its impact on the firm's standing and sales development (1998-1999) (Details)
Guiding principles (1998-2000) (Details)
Management across Borders (1998-2006) (Details)
Designing of Operational Procedures of Workflow (1997-1998) (Details)
The future of money (1997-1999) (Details)
Managerial decision making in Europe (1997-1999) (Details)
New public management and the Austrian political-administrative context (1997-1998) (Details)
A Simulation of technologic-political measures within the framework of the A3-Model (1997-1997) (Details)
Contextualizing influence behaviour (1997-2003) (Details)
Development of a "Simulation of Negotiation Situations" in the insurance market (1996-1997) (Details)
Expatriation in the German Apparel Industry (1995-1997) (Details)
Introduction of Team Work at Hermetikmotorenwerk Sachsen (1995-1995) (Details)
The information sector of Austria (1995-1997) (Details)
How to help working students: a research project at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (1995-1998) (Details)
Managers between family and profession (1995-1998) (Details)
Telework in the metropolis (1994-1996) (Details)
Job specifications in banks and new curricula (1994-1997) (Details)
Time handling by women (1993-1995) (Details)
Transformational leadership and performance (1992-1998) (Details)
Partner in the development of a prototype of a surgery planning system within the framework of "Computer-supported group decision making using the example of time scheduling" (1992-1993) (Details)
Computer-supported group decision making systems using the example of time scheduling (1991-1991) (Details)
CRANET Network on Comparative Human Resource Management (Details)
The Freedom-of-Information-Model of Sweden (1988-1988) (Details)